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Rob Ziegler

Rob ZieglerDuring middle school, Ziegler spent a lot of time in detention, where the deal was, write three pages of anything and you could go. Ziegler started writing short stories then. His first science fiction story was published in 2008, and his novel Seed followed. Ziegler lives in Colorado with his wife and a large white cat. Here’s Rob Ziegler’s website.

Seed: An excellent debut novel

Seed by Rob Ziegler

About a century from now, when Rob Ziegler’s excellent debut novel Seed (2011) starts, climate change has caused a new Dust Bowl in the Corn Belt, resulting in major famine across the United States. Most of the surviving population leads a nomadic existence, migrating across the ravaged landscape in search of habitable, arable land. Decades of war, resource depletion and population decline have left the government practically powerless. Gangs and warlords rule the land.

The only thing staving off full-blown starvation is Satori, a hive-like living city that produces genetically engineered drought-tolerant seed. Its population is a mix of transhuman Designers, Advocate warriors and "landrace" Laborers. When one of Satori's Designers leaves the fold and goes rogue, the desperate U.S. government sends the ex-military Secret Service Agent Sienna Doss to track her down. Read More