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SFF Author: Persia Woolley

Persia WoolleyBesides the historical fantasies listed below, Persia Woolley  has also written non-fiction books on writing and on child custory and single motherhood. FIND THOSE HERE.


Child of the Northern Spring: Guinevere’s early life

Child of the Northern Spring by Persia Woolley

Child of the Northern Spring is not, strictly speaking, a retelling of the Arthurian legend. I discovered it on a used-bookstore shelf and didn’t realize that it was the first book in a trilogy, and that it only dealt with Guinevere’s early life, up until her marriage to Arthur.

Persia Woolley’s Guinevere isn’t the annoying, preachy character you might recall from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon,

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Queen of the Summer Stars: Best retelling of Guinevere & Lancelot

Queen of the Summer Stars by Persia Woolley

I didn’t plan on reading Queen of the Summer Stars, since I was disappointed with the previous installment, Child of the Northern Spring. But one day I was in an Arthurian mood, saw the last two volumes at the library, and said “Hey, what the heck?” I was pleasantly surprised by books two and three; I’m glad I changed my mind and read them.

Queen of the Summer Stars starts slowly.

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Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn

Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn by Persia Woolley

Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn is a good book, even though it perpetuates the flaws seen in Persia Woolley’s previous Guinevere Trilogy novels, Child of the Northern Spring and Queen of the Summer Stars. Woolley’s Guinevere still has a habit of distancing herself from the story, briskly rattling off the legendary happenings like an anchorwoman for the Camelot Nightly News; and Woolley’s desire to tell the Arthurian legend without the use of supernatural elements results in cumbersome and byzantine plot devices as the author attempts to explain magical events without the magic.

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