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Phaedra Weldon

Phaedra WeldonBorn in Pensacola, Florida, Phaedra is the eldest of four children. She began writing in notebooks with her best friend in middle school, rewriting their favorite television shows into what they believed were better endings. Or at least better plots. After leaving college for a job in the Graphic Arts industry, Phaedra continued her love of writing in her spare time and was lucky enough at a writer’s conference to meet Dean Wesley Smith, who later became her writing mentor, along with his wife, the bestselling mystery/fantasy/romance/science fiction writer, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Phaedra lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, daughter, cat and dog. When not writing, she and her daughter spend their time playing games, letterboxing, or watching anime as they practice drawing MANGA and Daddy sleeps on the couch. You can learn more at Phaedra Weldon’s website.

Tempest: All-New Tales of Valdemar: Too many fragmentary tales

Tempest: All-New Tales of Valdemar edited by Mercedes Lackey

Tempest (2016) is the most recent in a lengthy series of light fantasy anthologies set in and around Mercedes Lackey’s well-known Valdemar, is a land where people called Heralds are “Chosen” (read: magically bonded for life) with telepathic white horse-like creatures known as Companions. Once bonded, the pair joins others in traveling and policing their kingdom against wrongdoing, threats and evils of all kinds. While I’m a relative newcomer to the world of Valdemar, I’ve read several other works by Lackey and was impressed by a couple of her short stories of the Companions. Brilliant and heroic telepathic horses! What’s not to like? And many of these stories feature non-Herald humans from all walks of life, as well as gryphons, kryees (huge, intelligent wolves), and firecats (think large, magical, sentient Siamese cats): a promising variety.
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Wraith: A textbook example of an Idiot Plot

Wraith by Phaedra Weldon

This review is brought to you by the letters “T,” “S,” “T,” and “L.” Wraith is a textbook example of an Idiot Plot. The story is set in motion when the heroine does something stupid, and this sets the tone for the entire novel. Almost every plot development in Wraith is triggered by Zoë doing something stupid.

Zoë Martinique has the ability to leave her body and travel astrally. She has built a career on this talent, offering a sort of black-market PI service on eBay. She does some astral snooping, and then reports back to her clients with the information she finds out. As the novel begins, Zoë has taken a commission from some poor schmuck worried about losing his job. Her mission: to spy on his bosses as they attend a musical and learn wheth... Read More

More speculative fiction from Phaedra Weldon

Siobhan & Abyssinian — (2010-2011) Publisher: Siobhan O’Donnell’s quiet life is disrupted when a dead body drained of blood is left inside her Mirror shop. Elf Detective Oberon Geld suspects Siobhan as does the DA—but only because she’s a vampire. Aided by Oberon’s estranged brother, Abyssinian, Siobhan is given twenty-four hours to solve the case or face charges of murder.

Siobhan & Abyssinian 1. Mirror, Mirror 2. Here Be MonstersSiobhan & Abyssinian 1. Mirror, Mirror 2. Here Be Monsters

Back Door — (2010-2012) Publisher: Unable to light even a simple candle, Brenda’s lack of magic threatens the magic shop her Granny Pollsocks left her. The power is off, the heat is out, and the shop’s magical spirits turn their back. The bank is days away from taking everything from her. Enter a dark haired, blue-eyed stranger who claims to be her Familiar. His purpose? To show Brenda that belief in herself is the key to making Magic Happen.

Phaedra Weldon Back Door 1. Back Door Magic 2. Back Door Curse 3. Back Door BloodPhaedra Weldon Back Door 1. Back Door Magic 2. Back Door Curse 3. Back Door BloodPhaedra Weldon Back Door 1. Back Door Magic 2. Back Door Curse 3. Back Door Blood

Phaedra Weldon Grimoire, Acumen of DesideratumAcumen of Desideratum — (2010) Publisher: “Acumen of Desideratum” Mike Ross doesn’t want to lose his daughter — but his soon-to-be ex-wife might get a job in Virginia, and he knows she’ll take Brendi away from him if she gets custody. So — when the ugliest doll in the new-age crystal shop he owns, makes Mike a proposition of granting him one wish — he wonders if he should go with his delusion, or check into the nearest hospital. And what is with the price of the wish? A kiss? For a doll? (Dags McConnell cameos) • Bonus Story “The Gnome, The Farmboy, and The Rose” Farmboy Jed’s up to his eyeballs in debt to the Fairy Mafia with no hope of salvation in sight. That is, until he hears the voice of a Garden Gnome, bent on convincing Jed to make a wish for fame and fortune.

Phaedra Weldon Grimoire, Moving DayMoving Day — (2010) Publisher: •Moving Day The movers are coming. And once they arrive, Sasha’s life will change forever. Can she stop them coming? Can she stop her mother from crying? Can she forgive her father? And will she be able to help her little sister deal with the change—or will her sister be the one to help her. •Bonus Story “The Space Between”
Babs had never known love when she lived. Even her death had been a lonely one. But now Hadden has entered her life when he bought her house, and together they form a unique relationship between the living, and the dead. Until Hadden’s fiancee — now pregnant with his child — insists he choose a family, or the ghost he claims he cares for.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native SoulRevenants: Native Soil — (2011) Meet Jason Lawrence — former pianist, successful entrepreneur, and Revenant. Not necessarily in that order. And then meet Mephistopheles — comes from a large family of Abysmal Symbionts known as First Born, and bonded to Jason, body and soul. Revenants are what laymen call vampires, creatures who feed off of blood — preferably human blood. They crave culture, experience, and passion. And no matter what else you do — don’t anger them. They are in the physical plane to survive — by whatever means necessary. A week before Halloween, Jason’s ex-girlfriend discovered what he was. She believed his blood could give her eternal youth and beauty. But when Jason refused her, she attacked him and drank from him. The reason for his refusal was simple; Jason’s kind cannot make Revenants from blood only — there must be a bonding with a First Born. Those who drink from a Revenant without that bonding become Ghouls. And the humans that drink from Ghouls become… Monsters. Before Jason could end his ex-girlfriend’s life as a Rogue Ghoul, and stop the bloodshed she’d begun, Rene visited the new love of his life, Christina, and forced her to drink from him, thus making her into what the Revenants call, a Lamia. Lamias obey the command of their makers, and the last thing Rene told her little toy was to destroy Jason Lawrence’s life. Seek out and kill the ones he loved. Make him pay. Christina finds herself on a plane to Atlanta, Georgia, where the monster blood inside of her takes control before Jason can find her. Will Jason and his Ghoul, Nick Shay, along with help from an old family friend, Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, The Light of RaRhonda Orly, be able to stop Christina before she kills?

The Light Of Ra — (2011) Publisher: He fell in love with his brother’s wife. But will this forbidden pairing bring down the kingdom of Egypt, or play into Isis’ plans for the future.Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, Childe

Childe — (2011) Publisher: Nicolette is older than even she can remember, and has never made a childe of her blood. This makes her desirable to other vampires who wish her power. She catches the eye of one such disreputable Constable and pays the price for thinking herself immune to the whims of corruption.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, ChildeThe Sword of Merit & Inspiration — (2012) Publisher: In 1927, John Long was asked to help one of Hollywood’s biggest art directors create an award that would be the ultimate in achievement for any artist in the industry. Centuries before in 1673, the great Musketeer d’Artagnan was killed in the siege of Maastricht. How are these two events connected? Read on… *Bonus Story “Inspiration” A sassy, upward moving female professional is attacked in a local park — only to be saved by a magical creature still looking for a purpose in life.Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, Childe

Crossing The Road — (2012) Publisher: It’s an age old question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. And yet when asked by the mysterious evil aliens accused of abducting humans from their homes for centuries, the answer takes on a whole new meaning. Why did the chicken cross the road? This is a short story.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, Childe, Ring of TruthRing of Truth — (2012) Publisher: Deinika Silvermoss and her swords partner Yama are called to a local inn to investigate the theft of the King’s Ring. But what they find is more than Deinika is prepared to know, and truth is revealed in the ghosts of the past.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, ChildePandora — (2012) Publisher: Pandora Jump was accustomed to a very normal life. She went to work. She went home. She went to sleep. A long haul from the life she once had as a linguist for the CIA. Enter Zeke — tall, dark, handsome, carrying a gun and a million dollar cross. He’s searching for a very special book in her consignment shop, and there are a some seriously bad men wanting to stop him. Will he get the book in time, and will she unlock the secret he gives her? Contains Bonus Story “Warlocked” When Kyle Daniels receives an invitation to be a part of the Omega Society — the ruling body of the Witches of Salem—he’s more than a little surprised. There’s nothing special about Kyle — just your average, high school witch. But with a very interesting past.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, Childe, Perchance to Dream, Faikes, FrostPerchance To Dream — (2012) Publisher: “Perchance to Dream” Josselyn shares the same birthday as the Prince, and they have been together since that day. Nearly raised as sister and brother. Gifted with magic, she’s been his constant companion and protector, until the infamous magician Fenrir invades the castle and puts the Prince under a spell. Josselyn leaves the castle in search of this magician to find a way to wake the prince, and bring Fenrir to justice. But is Fenrir the fiend the King’s Magician Stolgard claims him to be? Or an innocent victim? And will waking the prince save the kingdom, or condemn it. BONUS STORY “Ring Of Truth” Deinika Silvermoss and her swords partner Yama are called to a local inn to investigate the theft of the King’s Ring. But what they find is more than Deinika is prepared to know, and truth is revealed in the ghosts of the past.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, Childe, Perchance to Dream, Faikes, FrostFaikes — (2012) Publisher: What if mankind, in their infinite need to preserve life, finally solved the aging process and immortality was a reality? What kind of world would we have if no one died. And no one was born.

Phaedra Weldon Revenants: Native Soul, Childe, Perchance to Dream, Faikes, FrostFrost — (2012) Publisher: This is not a children’s story. Detective Jack Frost has everything he ever wanted; a good job, a fiancé who loves him, and his first child on the way. His future looks bright and promising. When an unprecedented heat wave turns December into the hottest month on record, a victim with Jack’s face propels him into the reality of myth and legend as the body count rises.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsDance by Midnight — (2013) Publisher: Darren “Dags” McConnell owns the most powerful book of spells ever created known only as The Grimoire. If he could use the spells within its pages he would be the the most dangerous man alive. Too bad the book is fused to his soul. After relocating to Savannah, Georgia, Dags finds himself fighting alongside his old friend Mike Ross (Acumen of Desideratum), a witch named Sam, and a wolf named Grey, against the Mad Queen Maab. But once the truth of Dags’s power is revealed to the Queen and her enemies, will he or anyone traveling with him be safe from those who desire The Grimoire.fantasy and science fiction book reviews

Chimera — (2013) Publisher: Sam’s drive through the Southern town of Macon, GA reveals a centuries old battle between the descendants of a monster and their desire for the future. Will her arrival bring the answer they’ve been search for, or will their needs bring about her own demise?