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Michelle M. Welch

Michelle M Welch Michelle M. Welch is a reference librarian in Phoenix, Arizona. Read excerpts, author comments, and even see some of the music that Ms Welch wrote for her novels at her website.

Confidence Game: Not a page-turner

Confidence Game by Michelle M. Welch

Confidence Game describes itself as two characters who are troubled by their history and are caught up in a situation that leads them together to confront their problems. The dual main characters of Elzith and Tod are both broken to a certain degree and the story revolves around their burgeoning relationship and the impending problems that they have to overcome.

Elzith is a orphan, raised to be a super competent spy for the Justices of Dabion, a ruling council of Magistrates. She is emotionally dead and struggling to find meaning in what she is doing beyond being the best at it. A mission gone awry leaves her unable to continue her work and forces her to forge a new life from what she used to be. She’s really an unsympathetic character and I really struggled to find a reason to like her.

Tod is the youngest son of a family of renowned tanners. He ... Read More

Magazine Monday: Realms of Fantasy, April 2011

The April 2011 issue of Realms of Fantasy is identified as a “Special Dark Fantasy Issue.” The nifty cover illustration by Brom fits the theme perfectly. And there’s lots more Brom inside, including an interview by Karen Haber and a considerable number of examples of his work. This is a man who must use up his blue, gray, red and black paints with considerable speed -- but he never seems to use up his imagination.

The best story in this issue is about the Cthulhu Mythos, which has really been enjoying a renaissance these days. “The Strange Case of Madelein H. March (Ages 14-1/4)” by Von Carr is that rarity in fantasy, a story intended to be funny that actually will make you laugh. Maddie has been left in charge of the family home while her parents and her elder sister go on a trip to visit potential co... Read More