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Rob Thurman

Rob ThurmanRob Thurman writes paranormal urban fantasy. She has been a Goodreads Choice, Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice and an Eliot Rosewater Award nominee. You can read excerpts from her novels at Rob Thurman’s website. You Can follow her at Twitter: @Rob_Thurman

Nightlife: Didn’t like the characters

Nightlife by Rob Thurman

Set in modern day with a sprinkling of different mythical/fantastic creatures, Nightlife introduces a boy who was born from a human and demon cross. Exactly why this has happened and what the consequences will be consumes the majority of the story.

The main character, Cal, is a cynical, self-absorbed, boring twit. I didn't like him and his older brother is so noble and self-righteous that he is not believable. The idea for the story is fine, but I didn't like any of the characters, so basically I didn't like Nightlife. I need a character who I can identify with, or at least sympathize with, and Rob Thurman gave me nothing to work with.

Nightlife just wasn't up to the standards that I have come to critique this genre against.



Cal Leandros — (2006-2015) Publisher: In New York, there’s a troll under the Brooklyn Bridge, ... Read More

Madhouse: Not recommended

Madhouse by Rob Thurman

Madhouse is one of those novels that you think has potential when you look at it, but just doesn’t quite meet your expectations. Rob Thurman's writing style is easy to read and pleasant on the eyes and mind, but unfortunately, this third book about Cal and Nik Leandros is not well-plotted and suffers from an excess of innuendo.

The story is basic: Cal and Nik run a sort of supernatural detective agency in NYC. Nik is a ninja and Cal is a half monster/half human strong-arm. Together they are a pretty powerful pair. When a murderer from the past is reconstituted and begins his murderous rampage anew, they are hired to hunt him down and kill him (he isn’t human, although humans once thought he was). In the meantime, their friend the puck, Robin Goodfellow, is being hunted for a crime he committed nearly 8,000 years ago. Nik and Cal must save their friend and destroy the monster be... Read More

The Grimrose Path: Had me laughing, shuddering, sniffling

The Grimrose Path by Rob Thurman

Trixa Iktomi comes from a long-lived, semi-divine trickster race. (Think “relative of Coyote” here.) She currently makes her home in Las Vegas, running a bar with her friend Leo, who is really the god Loki. As a result of events that occurred in the first TRICKSTER book, Trick of the Light, Trixa and Leo are de-powered at the moment and now have to solve their problems with very little in the way of magical ability.

Trixa is approached by a demon, Eligos, who needs her help to stop a powerful being that is killing demons by the hundreds. Trixa and Leo brainstorm, trying to figure out who or what is behind the deaths, but the truth is much worse than they expected:
We hadn’t even put him on our list, because it would’ve been ludicrous. Overkill. Like making a list of what could possibly ruin your camping trip. Rain. Cold. Bugs. Or an asteroi... Read More

Shadowed Souls: One way to audition a new Urban Fantasy series

Shadowed Souls edited by Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes

Shadowed Souls is an invitational anthology edited by Jim Butcher and Kerrie L. Hughes. Butcher is the author of three fantasy series: THE DRESDEN FILES, THE CODEX ALERA, and THE CINDER SPIRES. Hughes is an established short fiction writer who has edited several anthologies including Chicks Kick Butt, Westward Weird, and Maiden Matron Crone.

The theme of Shadowed Souls is, “good isn’t always light and evil isn’t always dark,” and the eleven stories here showcase main characters — often from the writer’s series — who struggle not to give in to the monster within... or to keep it contained. While the stories are conventional, with conventional magic systems for the most part, this is a nice collecti... Read More

More speculative fiction novels by Rob Thurman

The Korsak Brothers — (2010-2011) Publisher: A sci-fi thriller that asks the questions… What makes us human… What makes us unique… And what makes us kill? Ten years ago, Stefan Korsak’s younger brother was kidnapped. Not a day has passed that Stefan hasn’t thought about him. As a rising figure in the Russian mafia, he has finally found him. But when he rescues Lukas, he must confront a terrible truth-his brother is no longer his brother. He is a trained, genetically-altered killer. Now, those who created him will do anything to reclaim him. And the closer Stefan grows to his brother, the more he realizes that saving Lukas may be easier than surviving him…

Rob Thurman ChimeraRob Thurman Chimera 2. Basilisk

Rob Thurman All Seeing EyeAll Seeing Eye — (2012) Publisher: The New York Times bestselling author of the Cal Leandros series delivers a bold new supernatural thriller where one man’s extraordinary abilities come with an equally phenomenal cost. Picking up a small, pink shoe from the grass forever changed young Jackson Lee’s life. Not only did its presence mean that his sister Tessa was dead — murdered and stuffed in the deep, black water of a narrow well — but the shoe itself told him so. Tessa’s death triggers an even more horrific family massacre that, combined with this new talent he neither wants nor can handle, throws Jack’s life into a tailspin. The years quickly take him from state homes to the streets to grifting in a seedy carnival, until he finally becomes the cynical All Seeing Eye, psychic-for-hire. At last, Jackson has left his troubled past behind and found a semblance of peace. That is, until the government blackmails him. After Jackson is forced to help the military contain the aftermath of a bizarre experiment gone violently wrong, everything he knows about himself will change just as suddenly as it did with his little sister’s shoe. And while change is constant… it’s never for the better.