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Kate Thompson(1956- )
Kate Thompson was born in Yorkshire in 1956, daughter of Edward and Dorothy Thompson, both labour historians who were deeply involved in the anti-nuclear movement. She started riding at the age of four and went on to work with horses when she left school. She spent a year in upstate New York working with racing quarter horses, then returned to England and worked with National Hunt horses and point-to-pointers. She has traveled widely, spending some years in India. After her two daughters were born, she settled in Co Clare. There she had a five-acre smallholding and began writing. Swtichers, her first novel was published by a small Irish publisher in 1994. She moved to Kinvara in County Galway. There, three years ago, she discovered her passion for playing the fiddle. She is now an accomplished player, has a great interest in restoring instruments and is doing a course at the University of Limerick in Irish Traditional Music Performance. Here’s her website.


Switchers: Slow start, but drastically improves

Switchers by Kate Thompson

Tess is a reasonably distant and lonely child, who takes long walks out into the forest and park lands each day, returning home each evening to somewhat bemused parents. They don’t believe anything is seriously wrong with their child despite the fact she has no friends — they just think she’s a loner that loves the outdoors. But it just so happens that Tess is very different from other teenagers, and harbors a secret that she keeps from every other person on the planet. She has had the ability from a very early age to change into any animal she desires,

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Midnight’s Choice: Good followup

Midnight’s Choice by Kate Thompson

Midnight’s Choice is the second book in Kate Thompson’s Switchers trilogy, concerning fourteen-year-old Tess who has the ability to change into any animal at will. It begins right where the last book ended, several months after Tess and her Switcher-friend Kevin have destroyed the terrible krools, with Kevin alighting at her bedroom window in his last (and now permanent) form: a glorious phoenix. It may be necessary to have read Switchers beforehand, just to sort out the characters,

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Wild Blood: Wonderful blend of folklore and fairy myth

Wild Blood by Kate Thompson

Wild Blood is the final book in Kate Thompson‘s Switchers trilogy and deals with the inevitable choice that her young heroine Tess has to face: at the age of fifteen her Switcher powers come to an end, and she can choose either to remain human or to become any one of the animals that she can transform into permanently. To make things worse, her parents are going on holiday without her, and have sent her to stay with her Uncle Maurice,

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