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Adam Sternbergh

Adam SternberghAuthor of SHOVEL READY, a thriller about a garbageman-turned-hitman in near-future dystopian NYC, blighted by a dirty bomb in Times Square. Currently the culture editor for the New York Times Magazine. Formerly editor-at-large at New York Magazine and editor of the Approval Matrix. Unstoppable reader. Genre-mutt advocate. Lowbrow-despicable, except when highbrow-brilliant.

Shovel Ready: Gonna keep an eye on this Sternbergh guy

Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh

I was alone in the spare bedroom. Upstairs, where the light is good. Though not too good. No TV, no music, no family. It had me right where it wanted me. So yeah, I bit. Most guys woulda. Most girls too, no matter what you think.

Shovel Ready the flashy label said, and if you looked closer you could see a name: Adam Sternbergh. ‘Cept, this Sternbergh guy isn’t the story. First name you get never is. Didn’t take me many jobs to learn that.

No, this tale belonged to a guy named Spademan. Tough guy, if not as tough as he makes out. Contract killer — men, women — he don’t care. Just no kids he says. Draws the line at 17 and younger. Guy’s got a conscience like an R-rated horror movie.

He lives in Jersey, works in NYC. Yeah, even after the dirty bomb and then all the car bombs. Half the city left; he’s one a the ones who stayed. Don’t ask me... Read More

Near Enemy: I kinda liked this

Near Enemy by Adam Sternbergh

Book came in the mail. White package. Black letters. Had my name on it, so yeah, I opened it. Not that I wasn’t careful. Near Enemy was the title. Name on the cover said Sternbergh. Rang a bell like I was sitting ringside at the big fight. Turns out I’d seen this guy before. Him and his character Spademan. Now they’re back. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Not that there weren’t any surprises waiting. Like that rich guy getting offed in the limn. The offings not the surprise though. Guys getting’ killed all days all ways in the limn. Dead in the virtual world, just wake up in the real world. Happens all the time. ‘Cept this guy never woke up. Someone figured out how to murder folks in the limn so they stay murdered. People, huh? We’ll f—k up everything, every place. Just give us time.

... Read More