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Will Shetterly

Will Shetterly(1955- )
Will Shetterly is married to Emma Bull. Will Shetterly’s website.

Liavek: A light read that will transport you to another world

Liavek by Will Shetterly & Emma Bull

One of the things I love about used bookstores is stumbling across out of print books from favorite authors. I picked up Liavek because I’ve enjoyed Emma Bull since The War for the Oaks, and discovered a fun collection of short stories. Unlike most anthologies, Liavek is a shared world universe, where all the authors write short stories that are set in the same location, with the same characters. Not only do characters reoccur, but events from early stories are referenced in later tales in the volume. This makes the anthology read more like a novel than a collection of loosely linked stories.

Liavek is a city of magic. Most people can do a little magic, though it takes training to become a great wizard. A person only has access to their magic for their birth period, the hours that their mother was in labor with ... Read More

More books by Will Shetterly

Borderlands — (1991-1993) Publisher: Ron, a human runaway searching for his brother, joins the denizens of Castle Pup, lands a job at Elsewhere — the strangest bookstore in two worlds — and becomes involved in magical intrigues bigger than he ever imagined.

Will Shetterly fantasy book reviews Borderlands 1. Elsewhere 2. NeverneverWill Shetterly fantasy book reviews Borderlands 1. Elsewhere 2. Nevernever

The Nix Family — (1997-2007) Publisher: The Nix family has arrived. And Latchahie County will never be the same. In an effort at improving his family’s lot, the Nixes have moved to rural Florida to open Dogland: a combination zoo, restaurant and motel. But it isn’t long before Nix and his clan of eccentric supporters run afoul of unsympathetic locals. The problem? Luke Nix has hired Ethorne Hawkins. Hawkins is black. And it’s 1959. This moving story reflects on the themes of integration, tolerance, magic, and the Fountain of Youth.”

SFF reviews Will Shetterly Dogland, The Gospel of the KnifeSFF reviews Will Shetterly Dogland, The Gospel of the Knife

Stand-alone novels:

fantasy book reviews Will Shetterly Cats Have No Lord Cats Have No Lord — (1985) Publisher: From the edge of the Elflands to the top of the World’s Peak, drawn together on a quest, whether they like it or not… Lizelle the liar, Merry the priest, Thraas the barbarian, the mysterious Catseye Yellow.. bound on a fool’s quest to the top of the world to ask the Wisest One the oldest riddle of them all. WHY DO CATS HAVE NO LORD? A harmless enough question, isn’t it? So why is someone moving heaven and hell to make sure it will never be asked?

Will Shetterly Witch Blood fantasy book reviews

Witch Blood — (1986) Publisher: They believe I am a witch. They’re wrong… I think. Rifkin Outcast, hunted by the assassins of Moon Isle, becomes trapped in a ruined castle where a tiny band of witches are besieged by an army that’s ten times their size. His choices? Save them, betray them, or die with them.

SFF reviews Will Shetterly Dogland, The Gospel of the Knife, The Tangled Lands, ChimeraThe Tangled Lands — (1989) Publisher: CAN A GAME BE MORE REAL — AND MORE DANGEROUS — THAN REALTY? KEVIN FIKKAN was a reckless computer game testrunner whose history was a series of betrayals. Until he met Janny. JANNY LAIAS was a game designer determined to create a fantasy world more realistic than ever before — and to rule over it as a god. But now Janny’s world has a treacherous programming bug that can only be solved by tackling the game without a safety net — by entering a demon infested desert called… THE TANGLED LANDS. Kevin and Janny risk their sanity as they try to complete the game. For he demons they must battle together in the Tangled Lands are his faults — and her nightmares.

SFF reviews Will Shetterly Dogland, The Gospel of the Knife, The Tangled Lands, ChimeraChimera — (2000) Publisher: From the author of Dogland, a dark new vision of the future of gene-splicing and artificial intelligence. Will Shetterly has created a dark and intriguing future for this novel, a world of genetic engineering and cloning where human and animal genes can be melded to create chimeras, more often referred to as critters. These beings are human, for all practical purposes. They think, they feel, they love, and they dream. But they still have some of the qualities of the animals that they are bred from. Most importantly, they are not granted the rights of humans. They are property. Slavery has been revived in America. But there is also a movement for Abolition, for the granting of legal rights to chimeras. Zoe Domingo is a jaguar-woman, created to be a sex-slave. Instead, she became the property of an abolitionist, and was freed, though she remained as her former owners companion. But on a trip to Los Angeles, Zoes mentor is murdered under violent and mysterious circumstances, and Zoe is accused of the crime.SFF reviews Will Shetterly Dogland, The Gospel of the Knife, The Tangled Lands, Chimera

Midnight Girl — (2009) Young adult. Publisher: Your dad used to be the spooky-mysteries TV show host Professor Midnight. Your grandmother lives in the basement and only comes upstairs after dark. Your mom died when you were a baby, and nobody will tell you about her. Oh, and you have two birthdays, both on Halloween. And that’s the part of your life that’s normal.But with this birthday, everything is going to change.


More speculative fiction from Emma Bull & Will Shetterly

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsDouble Feature — (1994) Publisher: This trade paperback reprint of the Boskone 31 Book contains 13 pieces of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry plus brief biographies and bibligoraphies of each author and an introduction by Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden. Cover Art by Nick Jainschigg.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsAnd Other Stories — (2012) Publisher: Stories by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly. By Emma Bull: “The Princess and the Lord of Night” “Man of Action” “The Last of John Ringo” “De la Tierra” “What Used to Be Good Still Is” “Joshua Tree” “Silver or Gold” By Will Shetterly “The Princess Who Kicked Butt” “Oldthings” “Brian and the Aliens” “Taken He Cannot Be” “Little Red and the Big Bad” “Secret Identity” “The People Who Owned the Bible” “Kasim’s Haj” “The Thief of Dreams” “Black Rock Blues” “Dream Catcher”