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Robert Scott

Robert ScottRobert Scott is a middle school teacher. Find a map at the Eldarn website.

The Eldarn Sequence: A good story told poorly

THE ELDARN SEQUENCE by Robert Scott & Jay Gordon

THE ELDARN SEQUENCE is a good story told poorly.

This review was difficult for me to do. Partly because I'm writing it on a day off work while home sick and partly because there are characteristics of these books that really annoy me, but reflect some real-world political and cultural positions and I want to review the book without offending anyone inadvertently. If you are offended by anything here, just assume that you've read it incorrectly and that I am really the most tolerant and inoffensive person anywhere in the world, not to mention freakishly intelligent and good looking.

THE ELDARN SEQUENCE consists of three books, The Hickory Staff, Lessek's Key, and The Larion Senators. The series was co-written by two new authors: Robert Scott and Jay Gordon.

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