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Michael Scott

Michael Scott fantasy author(1959- )
Michael Scott
is an Irish author who has written several fantasy epics that are out of print and hard to find in the USA. He has also co-authored works with Morgan Llewelyn and others. The Irish Times has called him “The King of Fantasy in These Isles.” Michael Scott lives in Dublin. You can read and listen to excerpts of his Young Adult series at the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel website. Learn more at Michael Scott’s website.

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

The 14th century alchemist alchemyst Nicholas Flamel has the secret codex containing the recipe for the elixir of life hanging around his neck. For centuries, Dr. John Dee has been hunting for him because he wants that book. Dee has finally traced Flamel to his bookstore in 21st century California. He busts in, gets all but the last two pages of the book, and kidnaps Flamel’s wife. Now the world is in danger because Dee plans to bring the dark Elder gods to power and they will enslave humans. When twins Josh and Sophie witness the crime, they get dragged into the mess. Along the way, they learn that, OMG, there’s a prophecy about twins saving the world!

The most intriguing aspect of The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel is the overall worldview that Micha... Read More

Thirteen Hallows: Incredibly dark

Thirteen Hallows by Michael Scott & Colette Freedman

I don’t generally read urban fantasy, but this one looked too good to ignore. Thirteen Hallows is an incredibly dark, urban, mystery/suspense novel based on the legend of the thirteen hallows, which I had never heard about before I read this book. The hallows fill the book with an interesting and appealing history that may inspire readers to research these legendary objects on their own.

Thirteen Hallows is told from multiple points of view and while some of these perspectives are done better than others, switching perspectives helps keep this fast-paced book fresh without overly exhausting the reader with the nearly constant action. That being said, Thirteen Hallows is almost overflowing with bad guys, who are so purely evil that their chapters are almost unbelievable. Furthermore, this overflo... Read More

More books by Michael Scott

Tales from the Land of Erin — (1985) Publisher: ‘Time flew by. In a flash the Sidhe had used their magic to build themselves a castle of marble. Then, as the clouds raced across the sky like a speeded- up film, their enemies swarmed in, demon folk looking like huge snakes, riding demon horses that looked like dragons. In seconds the battle had begun…’ The story of The Sunken Town is just one of the many legends from Ireland’s distant past that Michael Scott has brought vividly to life. Here are tales of fabulous creatures and fearsome warriors, of ancient gods and heroes of old, all woven together into a magical evocation of bygone times.

Tales from the Land of Erin 1. A Bright EnchantmentTales from the Land of Erin 1. A Bright EnchantmentTales from the Land of Erin 1. A Bright Enchantment

Tales of the Bard — (1987-1989) Publisher: A figure stepped out from beneath the trees-and the bard stopped in his tracks. The shape was man-like, a head and taller than Paedur, as thin as a sword — and completely enveloped from head to foot in a cloak of seared and withered leaves. ‘Bard come forth; face me.’ So begin the extraordinary adventures of Paedur the Bard. Confronted by the hideous figure of Mannam, Lord of the Dead, Sovereign of the Silent Wood, a perilous deal is struck. And in the course of its mysterious fulfilment, Paedur travels through awesome, magical realms of enchantment, terror and brutal powers, where the forces of darkness are always at his heels, threatening to engulf the enlightenment he so boldly upholds…

Tales of the Bard 1. Magician's Law 2. Demon's Law 3. Death's Law Omnibus: The Culai HeritageTales of the Bard 1. Magician's Law 2. Demon's Law 3. Death's Law Omnibus: The Culai HeritageTales of the Bard 1. Magician's Law 2. Demon's Law 3. Death's Law Omnibus: The Culai Heritage

Tuatha De Danann — (1991-1993) Publisher: Michael Scott’s fabulous epic fantasy will cast a spell on everyone who reads it. Set before the Flood when the Tuatha De Danann ruled the vast De Danann Isle, it was a time of shape-changers and damhan, of flying serpents, poisonous arrows and devastating fire-balls, of sorcerers and Torc Allta, of Balor and his terrible reptilian warriors, and of the all-powerful Windlords. Ken and Ally are befriended by Paedur, the wise young bard and his companion Faolan, son of the Windlord, who has entrusted with a sacred task. Pursued relentlessly by Balor’s warriors on route to the icy Northlands, this unlikely band of heroes find that time is running out — will they be able to rescue the secret of the wind? Can they rescue Faolan’s family? Can they find a returning Ken and Ally to their own time.

1. Wind Lord 2. Earth Lord 3. Firelord1. Wind Lord 2. Earth Lord 3. Firelord1. Wind Lord 2. Earth Lord 3. Firelord

More books by Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott

Arcana — (1995-1996) Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott. Publisher: Chronicles the life of Silverhand, a man who has been destined to save a stricken world from the evil forces of Chaos and rebuild his people’s home to the level of glory that survives only in their hearts and memories.

Morgan Llywelyn Michael Scott fantasy book reviews Arcana: 1. Silverhand 2. SilverlightMorgan Llywelyn Michael Scott fantasy book reviews Arcana: 1. Silverhand 2. Silverlight

Stand-alone Novels:

Morgan Llywelyn 19 Railway Street 19 Railway Street — (1996)  Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott. Young adult. Publisher: One house, two children, 137 years between them. In 1776, orphaned but wealthy Sophie Rutledge lives a life of privilege in a fine Georgian house in Dublin, quite unaware that her murder is being plotted. In 1907, Mickser Lawless and his impoverished family occupy the same house, now a tenement, Mick’s father is dying and his family will be thrown into the street to starve. Then they both see ghosts. Sophie is frightened by the phantom of a ragged, starving boy. Mickser is terrified by the apparition of a beautifully dressed young woman. This is the tale of a boy and girl who have absolutely nothing in common but a house — and danger. They cannot help themselves but they can help each other, if they are able to overcome their fear. But time is running out. On Christmas Eve — 1776 and 1907 — events come to a shocking conclusion. Nineteen Railway Street explores the link that connects two different worlds and two remarkable young people on the brink of maturity. This is another wonderful coauthoring of Michael and Morgan that produces macabre spine tingling fast moving stories that are hard to put down.

book review Morgan Llywelyn Michael Scott EtruscansEtruscans: Beloved of the Gods — (1999)  Morgan Llywelyn and Michael Scott. Publisher: In the early days of the Roman Empire, the noble Etruscan civilization in Italy is waning, Vesi, a young Etruscan noblewoman, is violated by a renegade supernatural being. Outcast then from Etruria, Vesi bears Horatrim, a child who carries inexplicable knowledge and grows to manhood in only six years. But a savage Roman attack leaves Vesi unresponsive and Horatrim homeless and vulnerable, and he travels to Rome where his talents confound powerful businessman Propertius, who arranges to adopt Horatrim as a son, changing his name to Horatius. And all the while his demon father is seeking him to kill him, for Horatius is a conduit through which the demon might be found and destroyed.