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Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet Jeffrey Overstreet writes about art and culture at His film reviews are published at twice monthly, and at In the past, he has written for Paste, Christianity Today, and various other periodicals. He regularly lectures at universities and conferences around the country, on many subjects including Storytelling, Fantasy, Play, and Film Interpretation. He lives in Shoreline, Washington, and works as the contributing editor for Seattle Pacific University’s magazine Response.


Auralia’s Colors: A gentle fantasy novel

Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet’s Auralia’s Colors is a bright, colorful fantasy debut. Painting with a unique palette, Overstreet tells the story — both heartening and tragic — of a young girl with a special mission of change.

Auralia is an orphan found by a group of Gatherers, laborers who are indentured to the local Noble family, House Abascar. Living in this rough community she has a chance to grow up untainted by some of the attitudes prevalent in the Householder community that lives in direct contact with House Abascar.

House Abascar is in something of a tragic situation due to events that occurred before the novel begins. The previous Queen and her power-hungry nobles took the right to wear colored clothing away from the people, reserving that and most other luxuries solely for the royal family and a few select others. Overstreet sk... Read More

Cyndere’s Midnight: Dark but hopeful

Cyndere's Midnight by Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet's previous novel, Auralia's Colors, took us to a sublimely well-imagined land and introduced a cast of imaginative characters. In Cyndere's Midnight, the story begins where Auralia’s Colors left off. Overstreet adds a few more characters and moves the plot several huge steps forward.

Cal-Raven continues to grow in his magic as a stoneshaper and as a leader of fallen House Abascar. The remnants of his people are living with him in abject poverty as they attempt to survive the continued predations of the Beastmen of House Cent Regnus. It is a very bleak picture, but not hopeless.

From House Bel Amica, a young princess, Cyndere, and her husband, Duneroi, make plans to redeem the fallen Beastmen of Cent Regnus as well as lead a mission to help any of the survivors l... Read More