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SFF Author: Pati Nagle

Pati NaglePati Nagle was raised in the mountains of northern New Mexico. An avid student of music, history, and humans in general, she has a special love of the outdoors, which inspire many of her stories which have appeared in various anthologies and collections. She has also historical novels as P.G. Nagle. She is a Writers of the Future finalist and her short story “Coyote Ugly” was honored as a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award. Learn more at her website.


The Betrayal: Pati Nagle’s prose is a treat!

The Betrayal by Pati Nagle

The Betrayal tells the story of a conflict between the aelven (elves, of course) and their exiled kin, the alben, who were outcast from aelven society in the distant past when they became afflicted with vampiric urges. I’m a little sick of vampires in general, but Pati Nagle‘s take on them is original, and it makes sense. The magic of the aelven is based on exchange of khi, or energy, and the alben’s blood drinking is a logical corruption of that.

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It Happened at the Ball: 13 stories with ballroom settings

It Happened at the Ball edited by Sherwood Smith

This collection of thirteen (mostly) fantasy short stories and a novelette or two is tied together by their ballroom settings, whether it be the Almack’s Regency ballroom (where a group of young ladies happens upon an overly potent magical love potion in Marissa Doyle’s “Just Another Quiet Evening at Almack’s”) or a Civil War-era ball in Galveston, Texas (P.G. Nagle’s “A Waltz for May”). There are also some other themes that surface and resurface: masks and hidden identities,

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Thoughtful Thursday: Fantastic Beings

Today we welcome Pati Nagle who writes the BLOOD OF THE KINDRED (here’s my review of The Betrayal) and the IMMORTAL series. Pati wants to talk about cool fantasy creatures. One commenter wins an ebook copy of Pati’s latest novel Dead Man’s Hand, which was released a couple of weeks ago, and a print copy of her latest YA fantasy novel, Eternal.

I hear a lot of grumbling these days about sparkly vampires, and I wonder if readers are getting tired of vampires in general,

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Next SFF Author: Donna Jo Napoli
Previous SFF Author: Linda Nagata

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