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Pati Nagle

Pati NaglePati Nagle was raised in the mountains of northern New Mexico. An avid student of music, history, and humans in general, she has a special love of the outdoors, which inspire many of her stories which have appeared in various anthologies and collections. She has also historical novels as P.G. Nagle. She is a Writers of the Future finalist and her short story “Coyote Ugly” was honored as a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Award. Learn more at her website.

The Betrayal: Pati Nagle’s prose is a treat!

The Betrayal by Pati Nagle

The Betrayal tells the story of a conflict between the aelven (elves, of course) and their exiled kin, the alben, who were outcast from aelven society in the distant past when they became afflicted with vampiric urges. I'm a little sick of vampires in general, but Pati Nagle's take on them is original, and it makes sense. The magic of the aelven is based on exchange of khi, or energy, and the alben's blood drinking is a logical corruption of that.

There are two intertwining narratives here. One follows Eliani and Turisan, two young aelven who are drawn together by the rare magical gift of mindspeech. This gift creates an instant bond between them that eventually leads to romance, and it also has the potential to become a powerful weapon in the hands of the aelven. Eliani struggles with the gift; she knows that accepti... Read More

It Happened at the Ball: 13 stories with ballroom settings

It Happened at the Ball edited by Sherwood Smith

This collection of thirteen (mostly) fantasy short stories and a novelette or two is tied together by their ballroom settings, whether it be the Almack’s Regency ballroom (where a group of young ladies happens upon an overly potent magical love potion in Marissa Doyle’s “Just Another Quiet Evening at Almack’s”) or a Civil War-era ball in Galveston, Texas (P.G. Nagle’s “A Waltz for May”). There are also some other themes that surface and resurface: masks and hidden identities, romance, and ― as editor and author Sherwood Smith freely admits in her foreword ― escapist wish-fulfillment. Here be faeries, vampires, thieves, pirates and lots of other intriguing character... Read More

Thoughtful Thursday: Fantastic Beings

Today we welcome Pati Nagle who writes the BLOOD OF THE KINDRED (here's my review of The Betrayal) and the IMMORTAL series. Pati wants to talk about cool fantasy creatures. One commenter wins an ebook copy of Pati's latest novel Dead Man's Hand, which was released a couple of weeks ago, and a print copy of her latest YA fantasy novel, Eternal.

I hear a lot of grumbling these days about sparkly vampires, and I wonder if readers are getting tired of vampires in general, lately. Twilight has generated a lot of imitators, and the fantasy market’s kind of vampire-heavy. Lots o... Read More

More novels by Pati Nagle

Immortal — (2011-2014) Publisher: What do you do if the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever seen asks for your help? No brainer. Len Whiting is smitten from the minute she sees the stranger’s amazing eyes. She agrees to help Caeran find the healer he’s been seeking in rural New Mexico. What Len doesn’t know is that neither Caeran nor the healer is human: they’re immortal ælven, and they’re locked in an ancient struggle with the vampires who are their kin. Len wants Caeran’s love, and wants to help the healer find a cure—but first they must cope with the bloodthirsty vampire who’s got his sights set on them all.

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Stand-alones and collections:

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsMany Paths — (2010) Many Paths is a new ebook collection of original stories set in the magical world of the immortal ælven (featured in Pati Nagle’s BLOOD OF THE KINDRED series of fantasy novels). Tales of courage, devotion, invention, and love, the stories range from short to novella in length and feature both familiar characters and new faces. Together they make up a full book-length collection. Contents: “The First Sword,” “A Midsummer’s Song,” “The Three Veils,” “Shades of Joy,” “The Eighth Successor,” and “First Love.”

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsCoyote Ugly — (2010) From the dark depths of the past to the bright hopes of the future, Pati Nagle’s stories range across the palette of human emotion. Named for her Theodore Sturgeon Award Finalist story, Coyote Ugly includes fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery, and a few surprises. The rhythms, colors, and flavors of New Mexico enrich many of the stories. Curl up with this collection and your favorite hot cuppa, and prepare to escape the ordinary.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsEmancipation — (2011) A lost colony on an asteroid, dependent on its own ingenuity for survival, has adopted a quasi-religious system based on Polynesian deities for Maintenance of its physical resources. When the Board decides to discontinue night, Manuel, the colony’s spiritual leader and the head of Maintenance, must fight his own doubts and the love of his life for the sake of the colony’s survival. This short novel ebook includes a bonus short story: “Rocket Boy on Call”

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsPet Noir — (2011) Can a lowly gumpaw hope for love with a girl who rides in a jewel-encrusted carrier? Feline investigator Leon, with opposable thumbs and the ability to talk, is possibly the most dangerous cat in the galaxy. Indentured to the Security department of Gamma Station until the cost of his creation is paid off, Leon alternates between harassing his human partner/roommate Devin and fighting sleazoid criminals, yet still finds time to flirt with the lovely Leila, an exotic Burmese who lives in the swankiest level of the station. Will he win her heart, and more important — will he win his freedom?

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsEnchantment — (2011) Holly Parker’s life changes forever when she visits Enchantment Spring with her older sister Madison.  They hike through the woods, and when they reach the spring, Holly’s disappointed.  A concrete coffin full of water?  She expected a pool surrounded by flowers, birds, dancing dragonflies. But fine. They eat the lunch they packed, and lounge around in the sunshine a while. As they get ready to leave, Holly dabbles her fingers in the water. And sees a face beneath the surface. The joy of first love fills her, but Holly’s happiness turns to horror when she learns that the government plans to demolish Enchantment Spring.  Her passion for Ohlan — the beautiful water spirit who inhabits the spring – is so strong that she’ll gladly risk her life, standing between the spring and the backhoes, to save him.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsDead Man’s Hand — (2012) Only one will leave the final table… alive. Wild Bill Hickok awakens to the feel of flesh crawling onto his bones. Alive again, in the graveyard in Deadwood on a cold October night, he has an irresistible compulsion to go to Atlantic City. There, in the mysterious and magical Black Queen casino, he joins a rogue’s gallery of resurrected scoundrels, all gamblers who were murdered like himself. Will the father of organized crime revert to his bad habits and attempt to take over the Queen? Will Wild Bill finally find out if those aces and eights are winners? Five murdered men sit down to a poker tournament for the highest possible stakes: the right to stay alive.