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David Mack

David Mack(1969- )
David Mack is the national bestselling author of more than a dozen books. In addition to novels, Mack’s diverse writing credits span several media, including television (for episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), film, short fiction, magazines, newspapers, comic books, computer games, radio, and the Internet. Mack resides in New York City with his wife, Kara. Learn more at David Mack’s website.


The Calling: A supernatural thriller

The Calling by David Mack

Urban fantasy is replete with different, sometimes catchy, permutations of a standard bunch of mythological/fantastic beings who happen to turn up in our world. In The Calling, David Mack tries something pretty original by bringing us (instead of vampires and werewolves) guardian angels and their evil counterparts.

Tom Nash is your everyman who happens to have a mystical gift: he hears people’s prayers. And through the prayers of a little girl, he is Called to New York City to help the angels of Heaven fight the demons of Hell. When he set out, Tom certainly wasn’t expecting anything of this magnitude. In fact, his very nature is so set in opposition to all things fantastic that it sets up a powerful conflict between his need to stay in his life’s paradigm while struggling through a bizarre adventure into the fantastic. It’s refreshing to read an urban fantasy author who ... Read More

The Midnight Front: A compelling blend of demonology and history

The Midnight Front by David Mack

The European theatre of WWII has been used as a staging device for so many forms of modern entertainment media that it’s hard to believe David Mack could find anything new or interesting to write about it in The Midnight Front (2018). And yet, he managed to come up with an angle I’ve never seen, implement it in a thoroughly researched and imaginative way, and open the door for subsequent books to examine the aftershocks of WWII throughout subsequent decades. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m impressed.

Oxford University-educated Cade Martin is set to leave London and head back to America with his parents, despite some mysterious warnings from a man who accosts them just before boarding their ship. Just a few days later, their ship is sunk by torpedoes from a German submarine wh... Read More