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Janet Lorimer

Janet LorimerJanet Lorimer has been writing for children for over thirty years. She taught writing classes at Leeward Community College in Hawaii, and worked for two years as an associate editor and staff writer for Hawaii Parent Newsmagazine. She and her husband now live in Arizona. Master of Shadows is her first novel for adults.


Master of Shadows: Delicious little romantic suspense novel

Master of Shadows by Janet Lorimer

With a single sentence, Janet Lorimer establishes the mood of Master of Shadows. And there, she starts a familiar story — Beauty meets the Beast and goes to live with him in his enchanted castle. That is, he could be a beast. Since he is always shrouded in a cowl, Ariel doesn't know for certain.

In the story, Louvel hires Ariel to categorize the books in his extensive library. Ariel has a master's degree in Liberal Arts — a proper degree for a the daughter of a wealthy man — and she is delighted to have a chance to actually use it. Also, since her father's mysterious death, she rather desperately needs the money. While she is doing the job, Louvel insists that she stay in his mansion. There is no good road to and from the mansion, and staying elsewhere just is not practical. Louvel has very specific, odd, and mysterious rules that he ins... Read More