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Alan Lightman

Alan Lightman(1948- )
Alan Lightman was born in Memphis Tennessee. He attended Princeton and got his Ph.D at the California Institute of Technology. He is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lightman has received many awards for scientific and humanitarian achievements. His novel Einstein’s Dreams was an international bestseller. At MIT, Lightman is working on astrophysical processes under extreme temperatures and densities.


Mr. g: A Novel About the Creation

Mr. g: A Novel About the Creation by Alan Lightman

In our Edge of the Universe column, we review mainstream authors that incorporate elements of speculative fiction into their “literary” work. However you want to label them, we hope you’ll enjoy discussing these books with us.

Alan Lightman is a physicist and a writer who often merges the scientific and the artistic in his work, both fiction and non-fiction. His newest novella, Mr. g: A Novel About the Creation, is perhaps the logical outgrowth of his unique blending of science and transcendence, doing exactly what he says in the title — telling the story of the universe’s creation from beginning to end (and perhaps beginning again).

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