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Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Sharon Lee lives in the rolling hills of Central Maine with her husband, Steve Miller, and two insistent muses in the form of cats and a large cast of characters. Sharon has published short stories, newspaper pieces, and two mystery novels, and, with her husband, has done collaborative work in science fiction and fantasy, including twelve novels and numerous short stories in their award-winning Liaden Universe® series. For five years, Sharon served the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, consecutively as Executive Director, Vice President and President. Sharon’s interests include music, seashores and pine cones. Read excerpts at Sharon Lee‘s website.


Duainfey: The dialogue drove me bonkers

Duainfey by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

I’ve heard that Duainfey contains disturbing sexual content. I mention that as a word of warning, in case you’re a reader who dislikes that sort of thing.

That said, I can’t speak to that personally. I didn’t get that far. Duainfey starts with an overly-confusing prologue set in the Fey realm. I was never quite sure what was actually going on in this scene. Then, the story shifts to the doings of a human family in Regency society.

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Longeye: Can’t recommend it

Longeye by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Longeye is the sequel and conclusion to the enjoyable novel Duainfey.

Now that Becca has escaped from life as a sex-slave to Artificer Altimere, she must find a way to rebuild her life, learn to trust again, and help solve the mystery of what is happening to the land around her, as undead trees and strange monsters are starting to appear and take over Faliance. (Undead trees? That’s the big bad guy here?)

I usually am a big fan of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller,

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Carousel Tides: A nice ride

Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee

My sister refers to this type of book as “Grandma died/disappeared and left you the family home and a whopping big mess in the basement/attic/surrounding landscape to clear up.” Carousel Tides by Sharon Lee is that kind of story, with a big helping of “you can run from your responsibilities in life, but you can’t hide.”

Carousel Tides is contemporary fantasy. I can’t call it “urban” since it takes place in a small town in coastal Maine,

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