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Jess Lebow

Jess LebowJess Lebow has published five novels under his own name and one under the pseudonym T.H. Lain. He edited Magic: the Gathering for Wizards of the Coast, and was the world designer for Guild Wars and Guild Wars Factions. On his website, he says he wrote his first story in the third grade. Lebow now lives in China. Here’s Jess Lebow’s website.


Obsidian Ridge: Adventure in The Forgotten Realms

Obsidian Ridge by Jess Lebow

Jess Lebowhas brought some of the adventure back to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. It is much like the early Ed Greenwood, when he first began writing media tie in novels for his Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Obsidian Ridge tells the story of three primary heroes. The Claw is the king’s assassin, whose bladed gauntlets remind me of Wolverine (and The Claw uses them to equal effect). Mariko is the king’s daughter — a budding spellcaster and damsel in distress. Korox, King of Erlkazar (a newly formed nation that broke off from Tethyr) is forced to make a decision about whether or not to give up his daughter to the arch magus Xeries, master of a floating mountain in the sky called the Obsidian Ridge. Twisted in body and mind, Xeries ... Read More