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SFF Author: Julie Kenner

Julie KennerJulie Kenner used to be a lawyer, but now she is a full-time writer. She Julie writes “quirky romances, sexy contemporaries, young adult novels, suspense, paranormal mommy lit, and darker urban fantasy”. Read excerpts of her novels at Julie Kenner’s website.



Tainted: Gutsy

Tainted by Julie Kenner

The premise of Tainted is this: A young woman, Lily, is killed while carrying out vengeance against a rapist who attacked her sister. Lily is sure she’s going to hell for all the things she did in her short life, but instead she comes back from the dead…in someone else’s body. Her mission: to hunt demons for God. Her reward, if she succeeds, is redemption.

At first, I was reminded of a couple of other urban fantasy series. The wrong-body plotline and the theme of sisterly love reminded me a bit of Vicki Petterson’

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Torn: A middle book

Torn by Julie Kenner

It’s hard to review Torn without spoiling the big twist in the previous book, Tainted! So, I’ll just say that Torn follows the further adventures of Lily Carlyle, now Alice Purdue, as she attempts to keep demons from overrunning the Earth. Meanwhile, her thorny relationship with Deacon continues, her handlers have teamed her up with a partner, and now Lily has custody of her traumatized little sister, Rose.

Rose is now facing a violation that might well be worse than what she suffered in the previous book.

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Turned: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series

Turned by Julie Kenner

Turned is the third, and best, book in Julie Kenner’s Blood Lily Chronicles series. The convergence is coming, when hell’s gates will open, spilling out hordes of demons onto the Earth. Lily is the linchpin in the schemes of both Good and Evil, the “Prophecy Girl” who must choose between two fates: becoming queen of the demons, or locking the gates at the cost of her own eternal torment. Lily knows which path she must choose, but darned if queendom doesn’t sound a lot more appealing than burning in hell forever…

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