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Curtis Jobling

Curtis JoblingCurtis Jobling is the designer of Bob the Builder and worked on Wallace & Gromit and Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks earlier in his career. The animated series of Frankenstein’s Cat, based upon Curtis’s book of the same name, won the Pulcinella award for Best Children’s Show at the 2008 International Cartoons On The Bay festival in Salerno, Italy. His noisy new preschool show, Raa Raa, can be seen on CBeebies, while his original paintings and prints sell in art galleries. Curtis’s other love has always been horror and fantasy for an older audience. Wereworld is his first novel. He lives with his family in Cheshire, England. Learn more at Curtis Jobling’s website.


Rise of the Wolf: Engaging and fun YA

Wereworld: Rise of the Wolf by Curtis Jobling

Drew Ferran was raised on a rural farmstead in an area called the Cold Coast.  Drew lived the simple life with his family until tragedy struck one night while his father and brother were away at market. A monster invades their home. While terrified, Drew unleashes a beast from within himself that he never knew existed. His father and brother return to a gruesome scene of Drew huddled over his bloodied mother. Confusion and rage ensue as the blame quickly falls on Drew. He is forced to flee his own home to the forests where he has to survive on his own. Isolated and alone, Drew must come to terms with his demons and his destiny.

It has been awhile since I’ve read something in the young adult category. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the simple way these stories are told. The drawback of its simplicity is that the plot is quite transparent — I knew what was ultimately going to happ... Read More