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SFF Author: Sarah A. Hoyt

Sarah A HoytSarah A. Hoyt was born in Portugal and learned to write with a quill pen in her village school. She penned her first “novel” with ballpoint at around the age of six. And since it was pretty easy — all twenty pages of Enid Blyton rip-off — she decided to become a novelist. She now lives in Colorado with her husband, her teenage sons, and cats. Learn more at Sarah A. Hoyt’s website.


Ill Met by Moonlight: Amusing Shakespearean fantasy

Ill Met by Moonlight by Sarah A. Hoyt

Quicksilver is a faery version of Prince Hamlet. He is the rightful ruler of his people, but his inheritance has been usurped by his murderous brother. He can only wreak revenge and claim his birthright with the help of a mortal, and Will Shakespeare seems like just the man for the job. Luckily, Quicksilver has a gender-shifting talent, and Will is much intrigued by Q’s female aspect…

Will has an agenda as well; his wife has been kidnapped by the aforementioned usurping king,

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All Night Awake: Not as good as Ill Met

All Night Awake by Sarah A. Hoyt

I wasn’t expecting a sequel to Ill Met by Moonlight. That novel was complete and satisfactory in itself, so the appearance of a sequel came as a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like All Night Awake quite as much as Ill Met by Moonlight, for several reasons. First, the metaphysics were more confusing than in the first book. Second, the constant use of Shakespearean quotes gets a little heavy-handed from time to time.

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Heart of Light: Romantic adventure + alternate history + fantasy quest

Heart of Light by Sarah A. Hoyt

Known for her diversity, the Portugal-born Sarah A. Hoyt has written dozens of short stories and several novels including the Shakespearean Fantasies series, the Musketeer Mystery books, and the Shifters urban fantasy series. She has also written a historical romance under the pseudonym Laurien Gardner, a collaborative novel with SF author Eric Flint, and co-edits the forthcoming anthology Something Magic This Way Comes (below).

In Ms. Hoyt’s Magical British Empire series,

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