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SFF Author: M.K. Hobson

M.K. HobsonM.K. Hobson, born in 1969, grew up in Portland, Oregon. She attended the University of Oregon, where she ran the campus film society, helped launch a radical student ‘zine, and drove night-shift cab. After graduating with a degree in English and Communications, she moved to Japan to teach English. Returning to the US two years later, she purchased The Northwest Neighbor, a Portland community newspaper which she ran for several years before moving on to a career in the field of corporate communications. She lives in Oregon City, Oregon with her husband and daughter.



The Native Star: Steampunk, Western fantasy, historical romance

The Native Star by M.K. Hobson

The Native Staris a fantasy set in a West that never quite was: the West of tall tales, dime novels, and cheesy patent-medicine ads. M.K. Hobson realizes this mood perfectly, peoples the setting with memorable characters, and spins a compelling and well-thought-out plot.

When we first meet the heroine, Emily Edwards, she’s preparing a love spell to ensnare a local lumberman. The new patent-magic companies have cut into Emily’s business as a witch, and she can see no other way but marriage to keep herself and her father afloat.

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Magazine Monday: LCRW, 3 Cubed

The arrival of a new issue of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet is always an event. There is no set publishing schedule, so a subscriber is never quite sure when an issue will arrive. No. 27 landed in my mailbox just last week, full of amazing fiction. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a couple of these stories on awards ballots next year.

Three stories in particular struck me as special. The first is “Music Box” by David Rowinski. Rowinski’s protagonist, Patrick Sutton,

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