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James A. Hetley

James A Hetley(1947- )
James A. Hetley is an architect and a Vietnam veteran. He lives in Maine. You can read excerpts of his books at his website.

The Summer Country: Not your little sister’s faerie novel

The Summer Country by James A. Hetley

First, a caveat. Don't let the pretty cover art fool you. The Summer Country is not a "pretty" book. It's really more horror than fantasy, full of violence and truly twisted characters. That said, I enjoyed The Summer Country. It stands out, with a few others, as a novel that presents a distinctive and original way of looking at the Otherworld, the faerie realm.

James A Hetley's "Summer Country" is ruled by those of the Old Blood, scheming and utterly inhuman despots who keep slaves and mold reality to their wills. Into a war between two of this kind, come four others. Maureen, an emotionally wounded, reclusive young woman, carrying the Old Blood unknowingly in her veins. Jo, her sensual older sister. David, a performer of Celtic music. And Brian, born of the Old Blood but sworn to Christianity. Maureen and Brian are each des... Read More

Other books by James A. Hetley

Dragon’s Eye & Dragon’s Teeth — (2005-2006) Young Adult. Publisher: Two magical families live in the hardscrabble town of Stonefort, Maine: the shape shifting Morgans and the Haskell witches. But evil is coming to Stonefort. A drug lord and frighteningly powerful sorcerer covets the Morgans’ alliance with the magical being known as the Dragon. Now 17-year-old Gary Morgan must claim his heritage and save his family. But first, he will have to master the power of the Dragon-and he’ll need the help of the Haskell witches to do it. Somehow, the Haskells and the Morgans must overcome their differences before the sorcerer assumes the power of the Dragon and destroys them all.

Dragon's Eye, Dragon's Teeth James A. HetleyDragon's Eye, Dragon's Teeth James A. Hetley