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SFF Author: C.J. Henderson

C.J. Henderson(1951- )
C.J. Henderson’s early days were spent in the Midwest. High school and college kept him in the general area of Pittsburgh, but shortly thereafter it was on to the big city, more specifically, New York City. A comics writer for the past thirty years, he has handled everyone from Archie to Batman and the Punisher to Cherry Poptart. He has also written hundreds of short stories and thousands of non-fiction pieces. Henderson lives in Brooklyn with his wife, fashion designer Grace Tin Lo, his daughter, Erica, and everyone’s cats, Tyco and Tiger. See his other work at C.J. Henderson’s website. Read Justin’s interview with C.J. Henderson.


Justin Chats with CJ Henderson

I recently chatted with C.J. Henderson, whose book Central Park Knight, sequel to Brooklyn Knight (which was really fun!) is being released today by Tor. We’ll be giving away a copy to a couple of commenters.

Justin Blazier: Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for me. Your writing ranges across several genres. You’ve had successes in Horror, Detective, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The Brooklyn Knight series seems to provide a home for all your varied writing interests. Was that the plan?

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Baby’s First Mythos: The Little Golden Book of Cthulhu

Baby’s First Mythos by C.J. Henderson

Do you, or a loved one, like your humor squamous and tentacled? Are you the proud owner of a pair of plush Cthulhu bedroom slippers? Do all those cute Little Golden Books about religion make you wish there were a Little Golden Book of Cthulhu? If so, Baby’s First Mythos is the book for you!

Baby’s First Mythos is written in the style of children’s alphabet and counting books. You’ll learn your ABCs from Azathoth to Zarnak.

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Brooklyn Knight: A really fun story!

Brooklyn Knight by C.J. Henderson

Professor Piers Knight is the charming, handsome, and intelligent curator of the esteemed Brooklyn Museum. He has in possession the mysterious “Dream Stone” — an artifact that may hold the key to unraveling an ancient and dangerous mystery. But Knight is not the only person who is aware of its importance. With the help of his gorgeous assistant Bridget and his knowledge of magical items, Knight must protect the stone and solve the riddle in order to keep a global disaster from happening.

CJ Henderson‘s Brooklyn Knight proves to be a very entertaining read.

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