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Amanda Hemingway

Amanda Hemingway Jan Siegel(1955- )
Amanda Hemingway also writes fantasy under the pseudonym Jan Siegel. She writes novels in other genres, also. She comments about her books at her website.


The Greenstone Grail: Excellent start to series

The Greenstone Grail by Amanda Hemingway

If one has to accept the fact that almost all fantasy books are now the beginning of a series (and we're just about to that point), then at least Amanda Hemingway's The Greenstone Grail is a compelling enough beginning to leave the reader wanting more while still resolving at least this portion of the story. Grail opens nicely with a bit of suspense and mystery as Annie Ward, carrying her infant son, is chased/herded, down a dark unfamiliar road by things dark and barely seen. She stumbles across a haven in the form of the small home of Bartleby Goodman, whose sight clearly has some power. From there we jump to when Nathan is thirteen years old and about to embark on the adventures of the trilogy.

Half the story involves a local legend regarding the Greenstone Grail, a family legacy lost centuries ago that seemingly has re... Read More