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Anne Harris

Anne Harris(1964- )
Anne Harris writes YA fantasy and lives outside of Detroit, Michigan. She also uses the pseudonym of Pearl North.


Inventing Memory: Read it if you’re into mythic fiction, magical realism, or time-travel

Inventing Memory by Anne Harris

Inventing Memory is a book I found impossible to put down. Anne Harris kept me spellbound from beginning to end, with one hiccup: an aspect of the science-fiction twist that didn’t quite make sense.

The novel contains two parallel storylines. One is about Shula, a slave in ancient Sumer, who has visions that lead her to the service of the goddess Inanna. However, even as Inanna makes greater and greater demands upon her, Shula loses her heart to a different goddess, Belili, Inanna's wilder rival.

In modern times, a nerdy girl named Wendy grows up, has a vision of Belili, and begins to dream of a life better than her social-outcast existence. She searches for goddess religion and matriarchy and eventually becomes a scholar of ancient literature, but meanwhile her relationship with her boyfriend Ray is becoming more and more troubled.

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