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Allison V. Harding

Allison V. Harding (1919 – 2004) was one of the most frequently published authors during the final decade of the classic run of Weird Tales magazine. Her work never appeared anywhere else. Little is known of her life history, but a visit to the website Tellers of Weird Tales might be helpful for those wishing to know more.


Allison V. Harding: The Forgotten Queen of Horror

Allison V. Harding: The Forgotten Queen of Horror by Allison V. Harding

Unless you are an aficionado of the famous pulp magazine Weird Tales, or have read some of the many anthology collections derived from its pages, the chances are good that you are not familiar with the author Allison V. Harding. This reader had previously encountered the author in the 1988 collection Weird Tales: The Magazine That Never Dies, which contained what is probably Harding’s most famous story, “The Damp Man.” I had hugely enjoyed this chilling tale and wanted to read more by this nearly forgotten writer, but there was one problem: No collection of Harding’s work had ever been compiled, and her appearances in various collections are few and far between. And this is somewhat surprising, given that, during the period ... Read More