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Deborah Hale

Deborah HaleDeborah Hale writes mostly historical romances, but she’s written a couple of fantasy romances, too (published by Luna). You can read excerpts at Deborah Hale’s website.


The Wizard’s Ward

The Wizard's Ward by Deborah Hale

I blame Deborah Hale for my drowsiness this morning. I had to stay up late to finish The Wizard's Ward, or I would never have been able to sleep.

Maura Woodbury, an enchantress, has always led a quiet life... until her uncle announces that she is to be queen of all Umbria and she has to make her way to the Secret Glade and awaken the Waiting King who will drive the evil Han from Umbria forever and restore peace to all the land.

Maura begins to accept her fate, but she didn't anticipate Rath Talward, a rouge thief Maura happens upon one day, injured and on the run from Hanish law. Maura cannot abandon him in his time of need and eventually they strike up a bargain: healing for protection on her trip to the Secret Glade.

Their journey is not a stroll through the park however. Hannish soldiers wait at every turn to drag them off... Read More