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P.R. Frost

Irene Radford / P.R. Frost(1950- )
Irene Radford writes comtemporary dark fantasy under the pseudonym P.R. Frost and writes science fiction under the name C.F. Bentley. Here’s Irene Radford’s website. You can read excerpts of Tess Noncoiré at  P.R. Frost’s website.

Hounding the Moon: Too muddled

Hounding the Moon by P.R. Frost

Fantasy author Tess Noncoiré’s latest novel is her biggest success yet, but all is not going smoothly for her. She’s still mourning her late husband, Dill, who died in a hotel fire two years ago after a brief marriage. Then there’s the pesky issue of demons. Right after Tess was widowed, a mysterious fever led her to a secret Sisterhood dedicated to fighting demons. Tess never fit in and was asked to leave, but the training has stuck with her — along with her familiar imp, Scrap, who has become her best friend and who can transform into a weapon when evil is nearby.

As Hounding the Moon begins, Tess saves a young Native American girl from a rampaging dog. When the dog and the girl keep reappearing in Tess’s life, she learns that they have a role to play in a Lakota myth, and that Tess’s help is needed to bring about a positive outcome. Meanwhile, she has to con... Read More