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Kimberly Frost

Kimberly FrostWhen she was 10 years old Kimberly Frost started writing to entertain herself and her best friend. Since then she has won the 2009 P.E.A.R.L. award for Best New Author of Paranormal Romance. She likes ocelots. You can read excerpts of Kimberly Frost’s novels at her website.
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Would-Be Witch: 1 ditzy heroine, 2 alpha males

Would-Be Witch by Kimberly Frost

Would-Be Witch (2009) is the first book in Kimberly Frost’s SOUTHERN WITCH paranormal romance series. I picked it up because Tantor Audio has just released its sequel, Barely Bewitched, and offered to send me a copy for review. There are currently five novels in this popular series.

Tammy Jo is a fiery red-head descended from a line of witches. Tammy Jo’s magical powers never developed, so she doesn’t practice witchcraft. She spends her days working as a pastry chef and her nights sleeping with Zach, her gorgeous ex-husband, a good ol’ macho conservative Texas boy who works in law enforcement and doesn’t believe in magic. But one day everything blows up. Tammy gets fired from her job, wrecks her car, and her locket is stolen by ban... Read More

Barely Bewitched: I’m done with Tammy Jo

Barely Bewitched by Kimberly Frost

Barely Bewitched is the second novel in Kimberly Frost’s SOUTHERN WITCH series. I recently reviewed the first novel, Would-Be Witch, and wasn’t too impressed with Frost’s ditzy heroine and her aggressive alpha male lovers. If the book had had some redeeming qualities such as beautiful prose, appealing humor, or even an interesting plot, I could have happily gone along for the ride.

I only decided to pick up Barely Bewitched because Tantor Audio sent me a review copy of the audiobook. Penguin Audio produced the audiobook for the first novel over 5 years ago and never produced the rest of the series. Now Tantor Audio has picked up Barely Bewitched and hired a new narrator, Amy Rubinate, to read it. (I do no... Read More