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SFF Author: Angie Frazier

Angie FrazierAngie Frazier lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters, their big black lab, and a pair of highly destructive cats. Her debut young adult novel, Everlasting, is the result of an overactive imagination, an addiction to historical research, and dozens of vintage travel posters plastered to the ceilings of a cottage she rented one long, snowbound winter. Learn more at Angie Frazier’s website.


Everlasting: Like having cake for dinner

Everlasting by Angie Frazier

Everlasting is a comfort read. It’s kind of like having cake for dinner. It’s really sweet and a little silly, but sometimes it hits the spot.

Camille Rowen is a young girl living in 1850s San Francisco, but she’s not like other young girls. She’d rather go adventuring with her sea captain father than hang around the city being a proper lady. But Camille’s adventuring days seem numbered. She’s engaged to Randall Jackson, a wealthy young man, and their wedding is scheduled to take place in just a few months.

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The Midnight Tunnel: Engaging whodunit for middle-grade readers

The Midnight Tunnel by Angie Frazier

Suzanna Snow’s parents own a luxury hotel, the Rosemount, and are training Zanna in the family business. But Zanna wants to emulate her uncle, a celebrated detective, instead. When a little girl goes missing from the Rosemount, with Zanna the only witness to the kidnapping, her interest in sleuthing becomes more than theoretical. Trouble is, no one believes an eleven-year-old, not even her famous uncle…

The Midnight Tunnel is an engaging whodunit for middle-grade readers, starring a brave and resourceful heroine.

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The Mastermind Plot: Twisty YA mystery

The Mastermind Plot by Angie Frazier

Zanna Snow is excited when her grandmother invites her to visit Boston. She barely knows her grandmother, but this gives her a chance to spend more time with her uncle Bruce, the famous detective, and with her cousin Will. It’s not long before Zanna catches wind of another mystery and sets out to solve it. Meanwhile, Grandmother has enrolled her in a prestigious academy for young ladies, where one of her classmates seems determined to make her life miserable. On top of all that, Zanna is being followed around town by a mysterious old man.

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Next SFF Author: Brian James Freeman
Previous SFF Author: Pat Frank

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