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John Farris

John Farris(1936- )
John Farris published his first suspense novel, When Michael Calls, in 1967 after already establishing himself as a mainstream popular fiction writer with works such as King Windom (1967) and Harrison High. The Fury, published in 1976 and later made into a movie directed by Brian de Palma, was a synthesis of horror and contemporary realism that epitomized the horror boom of the 1970s.


All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By: Some truly shocking thrills

All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By by John Farris

Having never read anything by John Farris, I stumbled upon his 1977 novel All Heads Turn When the Hunt Goes By after seeing David J. Schow's very laudatory remarks concerning the book in Jones & Newman's overview volume Horror: 100 Best Books (1988). In his essay, Schow calls it a "unique horror novel; the strongest single work yet produced by the field's most powerful individual voice," as well as "the first modern sexual horror novel yet written." All Heads Turn When the Hu... Read More