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Christopher Farnsworth

Christopher Farnsworth(1971- )
A graduate of the College of Idaho, Christopher Farnsworth worked as an investigative and business reporter for several years before selling his first screenplay. His work has also appeared in the New Republic, Washington Monthly, the New York Post, and on E! Online. Blood Oath is his first novel. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. Learn more at Christopher Farnsworth’s website or at the Nathaniel Cade website.


Blood Oath: Addictively fun

Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth

CLASSIFICATION: Blood Oath marries political and techno thrills with the supernatural. It’s like 24 meets Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger novels meets Fringe meets Blade.

FORMAT/INFO: Blood Oath is 400 pages long divided over 69 numbered chapters and an Epilogue. Narration is in the third person via several characters, both good and bad, including Nathaniel Cade, Zach Barrows, the President of the United States, Tania, Dr. Johann Konrad Dippel, Helen Holt, etc. Blood Oath is self-contained, but is the first book in a new series that has been contracted for at least two more sequels.

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