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Dennis Etchison

Dennis Etchison(1943- )
Dennis Etchison’s short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies since 1961, and in his collections The Dark Country, Red Dreams, The Blood Kiss and The Death Artist. He is also an editor (Cutting Edge, MetaHorror, Masters of Darkness, The Museum of Horrors), novelist (Darkside, California Gothic, Double Edge), screenwriter and the winner of five British Fantasy and World Fantasy Awards. Publishers Weekly has called his writing “the state of the art in modern horror.”


The Dark Country: A collection of horror stories

The Dark Country by Dennis Etchison

The Dark Country was Dennis Etchison's first collection of short stories, and originally appeared back in 1982. I picked up an out-of-print copy recently, after seeing that it had been included in Stephen Jones and Kim Newman's excellent overview volume,  Horror: 100 Best Books. Well, I don't know if I would place it on my personal top 100 list, but this book certainly is a unique collection of shuddery, gruesome little tales.
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