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David B. Coe

David B. Coe fantasy author award winning review(1963- )
David B. Coe writes epic fantasy under his real name and historical fantasy under the pseudonym D.B. Jackson. He was born in New York and has since lived in New England, California, Australia, and Appalachia. He did his undergraduate work at Brown University, worked for a time as a political consultant, went to Stanford University, where he earned a Master’s and Ph.D. in U.S. History, and finally returned to his first love: writing fiction. He received the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for best new work in fantasy in 1999. He currently lives in Tennessee with his wife (a college professor) and their two daughters. Read sample chapters of his novels at David B Coe’s website or D.B. Jackson’s website.

Children of Amarid: Enjoyable and unpretentious

Children of Amarid by David B. Coe

The fantasy debut of historian David B. Coe is a highly readable adventure with a freshness and appeal that too many modern fantasies lack. I found the tale enjoyable, unpretentious, avoiding obvious Tolkienisms, with characterization superior to most of what is being sold and touted these days as the best of the best. Yet it has what you could term some routine first-novel flaws. Its pace is too languid, its narrative not always well focused. And it's loaded with predictable "surprises" that flatten suspense when it should be peaking.

Children of Amarid roots itself in that perennial Campbellian trope: a youth of humble origin who is destined for greatness. The peninsula of Tobyn-Ser is governed by the Children of Amarid, a benevolent order of mages. They generally keep a low profile... Read More

Rules of Ascension: A pleasant surprise

Rules of Ascension by David B. Coe

I picked up Rules of Ascension randomly from the library. I was wandering around the shelves and saw the guy on the cover and thought, “huh, he’s oddly white…” This sealed the deal. I had to learn more about the abnormally white guy on the cover (isn’t my thought process fascinating?). It was rather exciting to pick up a book I had never heard of and knew nothing about. The experience paid off. I didn’t have high hopes for this book, but it ended up pleasantly surprising me.

David B. Coe takes his time setting up a rich and intricate world. For the first third of Rules of Ascension, this attention to detail and world building can be tedious and is almost a hindrance to the overall plot rather than a boon. There are no real sides to the conflict, and furthermore the reader spends much of this part of the book wonderi... Read More

More fantasy by David B. Coe

(2007-2010) Publisher: David B. Coe enthralled readers and critics with his Winds of the Forelands, an epic fantasy full of political intrigue, complex characters, and magical conspiracy. Now he takes the hero of that series to new adventures across the sea on a journey to the Southlands. Grinsa, who nearly single-handedly won the war of the Forelands, has been banished because he is a Weaver, a Qirsi who can wield many magics. He and his family seek only peace and a place to settle down. But even on the distant southern continent, they can’t escape the tension between his magical folk and the non-magical Eandi. Instead of peace, they find a war-ravaged land awash in racial tension and clan conflicts. Worse yet, his own people try to harness his great power and destroy his family. Amid the high tension of clan rivalry comes a plague that preys on Qirsi power across the Southlands with deadly results. When the disease is linked to an itinerant woman peddling baskets, one old man takes it upon himself to find answers in the secrets of her veiled past. With wonderfully creative magic, dark secrets, and engaging characters faced with a world of trouble, Coe deftly weaves an epic tapestry that launches a richly-entertaining new saga in an unknown land.

David B Coe Blood of the Southlands 1. The Sorcerers' Plague 2. The Horsemen's Gambit David B Coe Blood of the Southlands 1. The Sorcerers' Plague 2. The Horsemen's Gambit 3. The Dark-Eyes' WarDavid B Coe Blood of the Southlands 1. The Sorcerers' Plague 2. The Horsemen's Gambit 3. The Dark-Eyes' War