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Lee Arthur Chane

Lee Arthur ChaneLee Arthur Chane is a penname of Edward Willett (who also writes as E.C. Blake). Willett lived in New Mexico and Texas before moving to Saskatchewan when he was eight years old. He studied journalism at Harding University in Arkansas and worked as a news editor after college. In 1988 he moved to Saskatchewan, as communications officer for the Saskatchewan Science Centre, and in 1993 he became a fulltime freelance writer. Besides writing fiction and nonfiction and a weekly science column, Willett is a professional actor and singer, hosts local TV programs, and emcees public events. He’s married to a telecommunications engineer and has a daughter. Learn more at Edward Willett’s website.

Magebane: Enjoyable stand-alone

Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane

Magebane by Lee Arthur Chane is a stand-alone fantasy novel that… Wait. I’m going to stop there and let you read that sentence again. Yes, you read correctly — “a stand-alone fantasy novel.” Magebane is not part of a duology, quartet, or trilogy-to-eventually-be-expanded-into-a-number-to-be-named-later. So good for him. I almost want to just leave it at that — praise for the simple concept that an entire story can be told in the scope of a few hundred (well, OK, 500) pages. But that wouldn’t be much of a review. So, onward and upward (mostly).

Nearly a thousand years ago, the MageLords fled a Commoner revolution by transporting themselves to the kingdom of Evrenfels, cut off from the outside world (and those pesky common non-magic folk save those they brought along as handy servants or craftsmen or the like) by the Great... Read More