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Kate Cann

Kate Cann(1954- )
Kate Cann lives in England with her husband, daughter, son, and dog. She worked as an editor for many years. She also writes romances. Read some of her fiction at Kate Cann’s website.

Possessed: Spooky YA

Possessed by Kate Cann

The beginning of Possessed drops the reader right into the stifling life of Rayne, a young London teenager. Her relationships with her mother and boyfriend are dysfunctional, and she’s unable to find a moment’s peace amid the noise and crime of the city. Kate Cann does an excellent job of showing us Rayne’s frayed nerves and her desire to get out of her neighborhood by any means necessary. Desperate, she takes a live-in job at the country estate of Morton’s Keep.

As Rayne settles into her new life, Cann continues to excel at depicting the character’s mental state. When Rayne exults in her freedom, we feel it right along with her; when creepy events occur and Rayne is frightened, we feel that too. Rayne is not always a “nice” girl — she lies a lot, for one — but we are given plenty of reasons to sympathize with her. She makes mistakes, but they’re... Read More

Consumed: An addictive, spooky tale

Consumed by Kate Cann

When I learned that Consumed (Fire and Rayne in the UK) was being released stateside, I was excited. I enjoyed the previous book, Possessed, and was eager to find out what lay in store for Rayne and for Morton’s Keep. Kate Cann has done a great job with this sequel, giving us a hair-raising tale that tops the first book and brings Rayne’s story to a thrilling conclusion.

Sir Simeon Lingwall’s modern-day pawn has been defeated and his basement chamber of horrors filled in with concrete — so why is Rayne still seeing and hearing uncanny things, and why are gruesome crimes being committed in and around the town of Marcle Lees? Rayne begins to suspect the evil has not been completely laid to rest and may be rising again even stronger than before. The only hope of stopping it lies in traditions half-remembered by... Read More

More fantasy by Kate Cann

Crow Girl — (2005-2006) Young adult. Publisher: Lily is an outsider. Girls bully her, boys don’t know she’s alive. She begins to hide from her troubles in the nearby woods. But she’s not alone. The crows are there. Watching. When she finds the crows, she finds herself — and a burning need to show everyone at school the new Lily. Will this Halloween night be a night to remember?

Kate Cann 1. Crow Girl 2. Crow Girl Returns Kate Cann 1. Crow Girl 2. Crow Girl Returns  fantasy book reviewsfantasy and science fiction book reviews

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsWitch Crag — (2012) Publisher: In a world where ‘elite’ men rule and women and ‘weak’ men are second class, Kita and her friends must make a choice: to remain with tribes and accept arranged marriages and being treated with less value than sheep, or escape and journey to the place that even the strongest men fear with their lives — the witch crag.