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Kathleen Bryan

Judith Tarr(1955- )
Kathleen Bryan is a penname of Judith Tarr who earned a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Yale University and writes mainly mainstream and historical fantasies. She writes romantic fantasy under the names Caitlin Brennan (Harlequin) and Kathleen Bryan(Tor). Read excerpts of her work as Caitlin Brennan here. And here is Judith Tarr’s website.

The Serpent and the Rose: Nothing new

The Serpent and the Rose by Kathleen Bryan

Averil is the daughter of a duke of Lys, trained from childhood in the magical arts on the Ladies' Isle. Gereint is a fatherless farmboy who possesses a powerful, untamed streak of wild magic. As the sinister king of Lys and his advisor, both practioners of dark magic, unleash a plot to remove the realm's nobles and awaken an ancient evil, Averil is summoned back to the mainland, while Gereint chases after a band of Knights of the Rose, hoping that their Order can train him. In time, Averil and Gereint find themselves together as unlikely allies and, perhaps, the only hope of both their realm and world.

As is obvious from that brief summary (and its faint echoes of Star Wars, among other tales), there is little new in The Serpent and the Rose, the first book of The War of the Rose trilogy by Read More