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Caitlin Brennan

Judith Tarr(1955- )
Caitlin Brennan is a penname of Judith Tarr who earned a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Yale University and writes mainly mainstream and historical fantasies. She writes romantic fantasy under the names Caitlin Brennan(Harlequin) and Kathleen Bryan (Tor). Read excerpts of her work as Caitlin Brennan here. And here is Judith Tarr’s website.

The Mountain’s Call: A stinker

The Mountain's Call by Caitlin Brennan

I really thought I would like Caitlin Brennan's White Magic Trilogy, I really did! The Mountain's Call started off so well, very Harry Potter-like with the herioine headed off to this mystical school where she was to learn about the White Horse Gods... but as it went on and on and on... it lost its thrill.

The plot, though intending to become more intense, only became more and more dull. The whole plot is culminating in this "Dance" and though it is obviously important to the story, Caitlin Brennan fails to explain why this "dance" is so important. I guess it can change the course of stuff... but who really cares?

Mostly,The Mountain's Call is made up of lo... Read More

House of the Star

fantasy book reviews Caitlin Brennan House of the StarHouse of the Star — (2010) Young adult. Publisher: Elen is a princess of the kingdom of Ymbria. Her greatest wish is to become a rider of worldrunners: the magical horses that are the only safe way to travel the roads through the worlds of Faerie. Now Elen has the chance to fulfill her dream at last, but the price is much too high. To become a worldrider, Elen must journey to the House of the Star on Earth, the Arizona ranch where the worldrunners live and breed. There, she must try to forge a peace with her people’s worst enemy — a traitor from the world of Caledon — and end the war that has been tearing their worlds apart for centuries. If Elen doesn’t succeed, the Master of the House of the Star will close both Ymbria and Caledon off from the worldroads forever. Can the wisdom of a worldrunner named Blanca help Elen in her quest to save her world? Caitlin Brennan’s first novel for young readers is an enchanting tale of a very special breed of horses, the tribe of horse girls, and faerie magic.