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Joanne Bertin

(1953- )
Joanne Bertin was born in Manhattan. Bertin had been writing stories set in the Dragonlord universe for over twenty years since she came up with the world in high school, which evolved from an art class picture whose characters stayed in her imagination. In addition to her writing, Bertin also holds a day job. She currently lives in Connecticut with her husband, Walter “Sam” Gailey, and an ever-changing number of ferrets fondly known as the Weasel Patrol.

Dragon and Phoenix: Slow To Begin, But Well Done Overall

Dragon and Phoenix by Joanne Bertin

Joanne Bertin's Dragonlord plot has been rather weak overall. However, Dragon and Phoenix is a huge improvement on The Last DragonLord.

The Dragonlords are no longer the sole concern and in fact, they are hardly mentioned for a good deal of the novel. They're much less overbearing this time around and while the whole "soultwin" bit is still silly, it isn't quite as absurd as it was throughout The Last DragonLord.

There is an intricate plot, full of intrigue, woven through this book, which is both a blessing and a curse. It strengthens the story in some ways, but also weakens it. The intrigue is so well done that the Dragonlords' part in it feels tacked on like an afterthought. Joanne Bertin may have done be... Read More