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SFF Author: Tim Akers

Tim AkersTim Akers was born in deeply rural North Carolina, the only son of a theologian. He moved to Chicago to attend college, where he lives with his wife of thirteen years and their German Shepherd. He splits his time between databases and fountain pens. Learn more at Tim Akers’ blog.


Heart of Veridon: Would make a great movie!

Heart of Veridon by Tim Akers

When my daughter was young and starting to read, she told me she didn’t like chapter books because “the words put pictures in my head.” Likewise, Tim Akers put pictures in my head.
Once in a great while, you get a book that visually plays out on the big screen in your head as you’re reading the words on the page.

Veridon is a city on the banks of a large river that feeds into a massive waterfall,

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The Horns of Ruin: I can’t wait for the sequels

The Horns of Ruin by Tim Akers

I enjoy steampunk novels. The alternate technology amuses me. When a stream of magic is blended into it as well, a steampunk world is a great place to set a story. The Horns of Ruin by Tim Akers has just such a setting.

Eva Forge is the last Paladin of Morgan, the God of War and the Hunt. He fought many battles, won many wars, and then was killed by his own brother, also a God. The followers of Morgan were once numerous and powerful.

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