Wild Sign: The call of the Wild Singer

Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs

A woman goes hiking with her dog in the northern California mountains, searching for the hidden settlement her father calls home. After a long search she finds the encampment — really a small town — but her father is gone, along with every other person who lived in Wild Sign. Some time later, two FBI agents pay a surprise visit to Anna and Charles Cornick in Aspen Creek, Montana. The agents lay their cards on the table: The FBI is looking for an alliance with the werewolves, and because of past interactions they’ve concluded that Anna is likely the Marrok, the werewolf who rules them all (which leads to an amusing scene with Bran Cornick, who is).

The agents suggest that the werewolves might be interested in helping to investigate the disappearance of the town of Wild Sign, especially since part of the town was located on land now owned by the Marrok’s pack, and originally owned by Leah Cornick... Read More

Iron Gray Sea: Significant events occur

Iron Gray Sea by Taylor Anderson

Iron Gray Sea (2012), the seventh book in Taylor Anderson’s DESTROYERMEN series, begins with the sinking of a battleship and then a wedding. The remaining Destroyermen are all together to witness the marriage of Captain Matthew Reddy to Lt. Sandra Tucker, but soon they must disperse again because they and their allies are still fighting all over the world on several fronts, and they are spread thin.

Their own technology is advancing rapidly but, with the help of the Japanese, so is the Griks’. Not only are the bad guys making better weapons and using better military strategy than they did before, but they are also using genetic engineering to create better soldiers. The allies must stay ahead of the Grik and get control of the sea and the air and, maybe eventually, the land.

The political situation is changing, too, especially in the country where Princess Rebecca’s p... Read More

Magic on the Line: A spine-tingling turning point

Magic on the Line by Devon Monk

I’ve got to hand it to Devon Monk: she scares the daylights out of me, in a really good way. Earlier this year she sent chills down my spine with the blood-and-steam magic of Dead Iron. The latest ALLIE BECKSTROM installment, Magic on the Line, is just as chilling, for at least three reasons:

One, something has gone terribly wrong with magic. Allie gets sick every time she tries to cast spells; and worse, one young acquaintance has died and another has become deathly ill from a mysterious ailment connected to the ghostly Veiled.

Secondly, the Authority is cracking down on the magical community of Portland after the chaos of the last few books. Monk creates a terrific vibe of paranoia and persecution as the new Portland overseer, Bartholomew Wray, begins a reign of terror.

Finally, th... Read More