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Iron Gray Sea (2012), the seventh book in Taylor Anderson’s DESTROYERMEN series, begins with the sinking of a battleship and then a wedding. The remaining Destroyermen are all together to witness the marriage of Captain Matthew Reddy to Lt. Sandra Tucker, but soon they must disperse again because they and their allies are still fighting all over the world on several fronts, and they are spread thin.

Their own technology is advancing rapidly but, with the help of the Japanese, so is the Griks’. Not only are the bad guys making better weapons and using better military strategy than they did before, but they are also using genetic engineering to create better soldiers. The allies must stay ahead of the Grik and get control of the sea and the air and, maybe eventually, the land.

The political situation is changing, too, especially in the country where Princess Rebecca’s parents rule. The Americans are happy to see that the concepts of freedom and liberty are spreading, but there is much opposition and a coup attempt seems likely. Princess Rebecca, special friend to the Destroyermen, must be kept safe. The Destroyermen also want to maintain enough influence in the various allied governments so they can help make decisions about which fronts get priority.Destroyermen (Book Series) by Taylor Anderson

The Destroyermen are learning more about their new world and starting to figure out that the weird storms that brought them and others to this world are not as rare as they had previously believed. Explorers are now being sent to discover what else is out there. Perhaps they can find some new allies before the Grik overrun the whole planet.

My feeling, at this point in DESTROYERMEN, is that this series is going on too long and should have been condensed. I’m still reading, though, because I like these characters and I want to know what happens to them. I also like the audio versions produced by Tantor Audio and narrated by William Dufris. The previous book, Firestorm, did little to advance the plot and could probably be skipped, or at least skimmed. Fortunately, Iron Gray Sea is better than Firestorm. The wedding takes too long, but significant events occur, we see more of the world, and we spend more time with some of the characters we love such as Courtney Bradford and Princess Rebecca. There is a lot of loss in Iron Gray Sea, but there is also hope for the future.

Published in 2012. In Taylor Anderson’s acclaimed Destroyermen series, a parallel universe adds an extraordinary layer to the drama of World War II. Now, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, the crew of USS Walker, and their allies battle an ever-growing host of enemies across the globe in a desperate battle for freedom … War has engulfed the—other earth. With every hard-won victory and painful defeat, Matt Reddy and the Allies encounter more friends—and even more diabolical enemies. Even, at last, in the arms of the woman he loves, there is little peace for Reddy.  The vast sea, and the scope of the conflict, have trapped him too far away to help on either front, but that doesn’t mean he and Walker can rest. Cutting short his “honeymoon,” Reddy sails off in pursuit of  Hidoiame , a rogue Japanese destroyer that is wreaking havoc in Allied seas. Now that Walker is armed with the latest “new” technology, he hopes his battle-tested four-stacker has an even chance in a straight-up fight against the bigger ship—and he means to take her on. Elsewhere, the long-awaited invasion of Grik “Indiaa” has begun, and the Human-Lemurian Alliance is pushing back against the twisted might of the Dominion. The diplomatic waters seethe with treachery and a final, terrible plot explodes in the Empire of New Britain Isles.  Worse, the savage Grik have also mastered “new” technologies and strategies. Their fleet of monstrous ironclads—and an army two years in the making—are finally massing to strike…


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