Hellboy (Vol. 11): The Bride of Hell and Others: Another solid Hellboy collection

Hellboy (Vol. 11): The Bride of Hell and Others by Mike Mignola (writer), Richard Corben (artist), Kevin Nowlan (artist), & Scott Hampton (artist).

“Hellboy in Mexico, or A Drunken Blur” is a funny story about Hellboy’s lost five months in Mexico drinking and wrestling. The story starts in 1982 with Hellboy and Abe Sapien in Mexico together. Abe Sapien finds an old wrestling poster showing Hellboy with three other wrestlers. Hellboy tells him that it was from 1956. Hellboy then tells Abe the story of how he met the three wrestling brothers who were also monster hunters. Hellboy joined the brothers to fight monsters during the day and party at night. Then one night one of the brothers is taken by the vampires, and Hellboy goes in search of his lost friend. The story takes a strange turn once they locate the lost brother. Oh, yes, and there’s plenty of wrestling action.

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Cerulean Sins: Someone needs to give LKH some help

Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

Cerulean Sins is book 11 in Anita Blake's story and Anita is disgusting at this point. Whatever the excuse, she is a total tramp and has finally embraced it. That is so ridiculous for a character who kept Richard and Jean-Claude waiting for months without giving in to them. Maybe Laurell K. Hamilton's editor told her that the books need more sex to be interesting because there is no good explanation otherwise.

The storyline is still interesting if you just want to know how things will turn out, but any respect that I have left for most of the characters is wearing thin as the moral climate of the entire preternatural community has degenerated.





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