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Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton review(1963- )
Laurell K. Hamilton is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of two series that mix mystery, fantasy, magic, horror and romance. There are now more than 6 million copies of Anita Blake in print worldwide, in 16 languages. Hamilton’s Ballantine series features Fey princess and private investigator, Merry Gentry. Laurell K. Hamilton lives in St. Louis County Missouri with her husband Jonathon Green, daughter, one pug dog and one boxer/pug dog. Visit Laurell K. Hamilton’s website.

The Killing Dance: LKH really blows it on this one

The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton

I enjoyed ANITA BLAKE, VAMPIRE HUNTER up to this point, but Laurell K. Hamilton really blows it on this one. Anita has turned into a hypocrite and any claim she had to integrity was shredded within the first 3 chapters of the next book. Hamilton has destroyed her main character — Anita is turning into a nasty tramp. We are talking about a complete reversal of the sharp-edged but relatively moral person she started out as. What a shame.

I should admit that The Killing Dance must have been well conceived and written because it really affected me — I was utterly devastated.






Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter — (1993- ) There are omnibus editions of these available. Publisher: Introducing Anita Blake, vampire hunter extraordinaire. Mos... Read More

Narcissus in Chains: Turning into a soap opera

Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K Hamilton

Like an addiction to pain, I have kept reading Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter despite having some serious issues with what Laurell K Hamilton has done with her characters. She seriously pisses me off with the way that she is developing the Richard-Anita relationship.

Anita has turned from a virtuous woman into a tramp. She just keeps getting worse and her apparent ability to get past becoming a whore is just ridiculous. Her ability to remain a true believer despite all the dark forces at work has been one of her truly redeeming characteristics.

This series is turning into a soap opera and if you are ok with that, then cool. Anita is changing, so if you liked her in the first books you may not care for her now. I know that I don't, but I keep reading just hoping that she will get hers in the end. Read More

Cerulean Sins: Someone needs to give LKH some help

Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton

Cerulean Sins is book 11 in Anita Blake's story and Anita is disgusting at this point. Whatever the excuse, she is a total tramp and has finally embraced it. That is so ridiculous for a character who kept Richard and Jean-Claude waiting for months without giving in to them. Maybe Laurell K. Hamilton's editor told her that the books need more sex to be interesting because there is no good explanation otherwise.

The storyline is still interesting if you just want to know how things will turn out, but any respect that I have left for most of the characters is wearing thin as the moral climate of the entire preternatural community has degenerated.





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Incubus Dreams: Yuck! Typical for the most recent books

Incubus Dreams by Laurell K. Hamilton

LKH has continued down the path that she has chosen for this series: the characters just get trashier with each book and all of the redeeming features that made them respectable are disappearing.

The sad part is that it is such a flawed perspective on people. Some people are actually able to resist being corrupted by outside influences and that is totally absent from this series where everyone is so caught up in a need for sex and power that they will totally debase themselves to get it. The will to resist that call was part of what made Richard Zeeman admirable, but now he is so enraptured with Anita that he is falling too. Get real!

Hamilton's editors should have helped her avoid some of the chracter clutter and useless dialogue in Incubus Dreams. Kill Richard off or let him vanish into the sunset. Give Micah a backbone, because there is no way that h... Read More

Blood Noir: Too much drama, too little actual plot

Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton

I probably shouldn't be plodding on through this series at all. I haven't truly enjoyed an Anita Blake book in years. Lack of editing hasn't done the series any favors, and while I don't mind sex in novels, Laurell K. Hamilton still hasn't figured out that sometimes you can gloss over periods of time when nothing much is happening plotwise. ("Three weeks later...")  I don't need a play-by-play every time the characters get it on. It just fills up pages and crowds out the plot. I miss the days when her novels spanned several weeks or months of time, and when the plot filled out the whole book rather than being sandwiched around the endless sex.

Due to my longing for plot, it took me a little while to realize that Blood Noir isn't actually very good. I was so pleased to see a story, I didn't notice at first that it wasn't a very interesting one.

Blo... Read More

Skin Trade: There’s actually a plot

Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton

Skin Trade is enough of a step in the right direction that I'm sorely tempted to give it a higher rating than it actually deserves. There's a plot! With murders! And investigating! And I turned out to be right about Marmee Noir's plans for Anita. And the two explicit sex scenes are better-written and less icky than what I've come to expect from Laurell K. Hamilton. And she's being copy-edited again, so there are only a few typos. I get the sense, reading Skin Trade, that Hamilton is trying to blend the mystery/horror style of the early Anita Blake books with the erotic style of the later installments. The results are mixed, but I have to admit that Skin Trade is her best in years.

That said, I can't say I truly enjoyed it, hence the 2-star rating. Skin Tra... Read More

Flirt: Anita’s bevy of boyfriends is becoming a literary problem

Flirt by Laurell K. Hamilton

I never thought I’d be nostalgic for Micah. Back then, it seemed a little much to charge mass market paperback price for a novella. Enter Flirt: a novella in hardback. This is one case where the format of the book affects the star rating. Flirt would be much more palatable in an anthology, or even as a mass market paperback. At hardback price, I can’t recommend it.

The early chapters are a mix of the interesting and the tedious. The good parts involve Anita working at her job as an animator, something we haven’t seen enough of lately. She meets two clients who want their late spouses raised from the dead. Their reasons are very different, but both are “wrong” reasons. Anita turns down both jobs. The boring parts involve Anita’s introspection about her various boyfriends, which takes up way too much page s... Read More

Bullet: Adieu, Anita

Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton

Bullet begins with Anita slipping backstage at a dance recital. Her former friend Monica forgot the hat for her son’s costume, so Anita brings it to her, and the two women have a bit of a spat. Then, in chapter two, Anita sits down to watch the performance with her various boyfriends and —


When I was a preteen, I used to read the BABY-SITTERS CLUB series. There’s one cardinal rule for reading BSC books: Skip chapter two. Chapter two was where Ann M. Martin always introduced the characters, describing each baby-sitter’s hair color, eye color, fashion sense, backstory, parents’ marital status... This benefited new readers, but once you’d read a few of the books it got repetitive. By the time you were a die-hard fan, not even the prospect of a new Read More

A Kiss of Shadows: Not my cup of mead

A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton

Laurell K. Hamilton promises a story of modern-day faeries and their complex court intrigue, which in theory is right up my alley, but I didn't really get into A Kiss of Shadows.

By about page 100, my significant other was laughing because I kept yelling aloud, "Is she going to sleep with HIM, TOO?" The entire plot of the book seems to consist of Merry's sexual adventures. That would be OK if it were good erotica, but there is far too much gory violence to sustain the sexy mood. To sum up the book: Sex scene, gore scene, sex scene, gory sex scene...well, you get the picture.

For urban faerie adventures with more plot, try Charles de Lint (Jack of Kinrowan), Emma Bull ... Read More

The Living Dead: Zombies aren’t the point

The Living Dead edited by John Joseph Adams

I never knew there were so many ways to tell a zombie story. I pretty much thought that the George Romero version was it — dead people wandering around holding their arms out in front of them and calling out “braaaaaaains,” looking to munch on the living. I never did know why they had to hold their arms that way, but they all did — I thought.

John Joseph Adams has chosen his material wisely in The Living Dead, a collection of short stories about zombies by some of the biggest and best names in the horror business, as well as the newest and hottest. I resisted this book for a long time because I’ve never been fond of zombies, but upon diving in, I discovered that the zombies aren’t really the point; the point is to tell a good story. And these authors do that, with a vengeance.

My favorite story is “Almost the Last St... Read More

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