Dawn: More than just an exciting disaster story

Dawn by S. Fowler Wright

Muriel Temple, a single woman who has recently returned to England after serving as a missionary in Africa, has learned that she doesn’t have much longer to live — maybe a year, maybe a little more or less. She is sad, but she is not afraid because her faith is strong. She wants only to serve God by helping others during the time she has left. Her current project involves trying to talk an unwed pregnant girl out of an abortion, but before she gets a chance to track down and confront the alleged father of the baby, disaster strikes.

Earthquakes shake England, storms arise, and soon most of England, and maybe the rest of the world, is under water. Only a couple hundred people remain, mostly from the lower classes. After the initial shock fades, the survivors band together around a few different leaders — mostly opportunistic men who’ve managed to gather some like-minded followers. Few women remain a... Read More

Gerfalcon: Great read for a mature teenager

Gerfalcon by Leslie Barringer

Raoul will one day be baron of peaceful marshy Marckmont, but until his eighteenth birthday, he’s under the protection of his Uncle Armand, Count of the bleak and windy crags of Ger. Armand has no love for the slight and introspective Raoul, and can’t understand why his nephew would rather play chess and write songs than hunt animals. Raoul, a romantic, likes to think about beautiful things, but at Ger, “you must be smothered in blood before they think you are a man.”

When Raoul is told he can’t go with Armand’s company to the tourney in Belsaunt, he sneaks away and visits the tourney anyway. There he sees, and instantly falls in love with, the beautiful lady Yseult de Olencourt. He is flogged when he returns to Ger, so he runs away and seeks a position in a noble house until he is old enough to claim his quiet and solitary barony.

After leaving Ger, Raoul meets the folk of ... Read More