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S. Fowler Wright

S. Fowler Wright(1974-1965)
S. Fowler Wright, a British writer, editor, and poet who also used the names Sydney Fowler and Anthony Wingrave, wrote fantasy, disaster stories, crime novels, mysteries, historical fiction, and science fiction.

Dawn: More than just an exciting disaster story

Dawn by S. Fowler Wright

Muriel Temple, a single woman who has recently returned to England after serving as a missionary in Africa, has learned that she doesn’t have much longer to live — maybe a year, maybe a little more or less. She is sad, but she is not afraid because her faith is strong. She wants only to serve God by helping others during the time she has left. Her current project involves trying to talk an unwed pregnant girl out of an abortion, but before she gets a chance to track down and confront the alleged father of the baby, disaster strikes.

Earthquakes shake England, storms arise, and soon most of England, and maybe the rest of the world, is under water. Only a couple hundred people remain, mostly from the lower classes. After the initial shock fades, the survivors band together around a few different leaders — mostly opportunistic men who’ve managed to gather some like-minded followers. Few women remain a... Read More

The Island of Captain Sparrow: An old lost world fantasy now on audio

The Island of Captain Sparrow by S. Fowler Wright

During his profitable pirating career, Captain Sparrow discovered an unknown South Pacific island that appeared to consist entirely of rocky cliffs but contained a lushly fertile inland landscape. It could only be accessed at high tide from a small hidden recess high in the cliffs. Sparrow and his crew, who were wanted all over the world for their crimes, made the island a hideout where they stowed heaps of gold bars and lots of guns and ammunition. Before his last voyage, Sparrow left some of his crew, several Chilean women, and his young son on the island. But Sparrow had tempted fate one time too many; he and his remaining crew were caught and hanged. Not knowing what happened to their leader and the rest of his men, the pirates and women left on the island degenerated into illiteracy and lawlessness.

A couple of generations later, Charlton Foyle, drifting alone in a lifeboat, h... Read More

More fantasy novels by S. Fowler Wright

Margaret Cranleigh — (1931-1954) Publisher: Marguerite travels through time to become Rita, a simian-woman of the Tree People tens of thousands of years ago. Together with Stele, Elysa, Prince Thelmo, and Princess Tekla, she must fight the invasion of the semi-intelligent rat people who threaten to exterminate the young human race. The first novel in the Marguerite Cranleigh fantasy series.

S. Fowler Wright fantasy book reviews 1. Dream: or the Simian Maid 2. The Vengeance of Gwa 3. Spider's WarS. Fowler Wright fantasy book reviews 1. Dream: or the Simian Maid 2. The Vengeance of Gwa 3. Spider's WarS. Fowler Wright fantasy book reviews 1. Dream: or the Simian Maid 2. The Vengeance of Gwa 3. Spider's War

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviews

The Amphibians  — (1932) “As to theories of time and space, I know no more than you do. I used to think they were obvious. I’ve heard the Professor talk two nights a week for three years, and I’ve realised that it isn’t all quite as simple as it seemed, though I don’t get much further. But the next room’s a fact. We lay things down on the central slab, and the room goes dark, and we go back in two minutes, and it gets light again, and they’re still there. And the Professor says he’s projected them 500,000 years ahead in the interval, and they don’t look any the worse for the journey.”

S. Fowler Wright Beyond the Rim: A Lost Race FantasyBeyond the Rim: A Lost Race Fantasy — (1932) Publisher: Deep within the Antarctic ice, three British travelers discover a lost civilization descended from 17th-century religious fanatics, and must fight to save themselves from being burned as heretics.

Elfwin: A Novel of Anglo-Saxon TimesElfwin: A Novel of Anglo-Saxon Times — (1933) Publisher: Princess Elfwin of Wessex is betrothed to her cousin, Prince Athelstan, but she actually loves Prince Sithric of the enemy Danes. She renounces her heritage and goes to her beau, but they’re separated from each other during a great battle. Only the Viking lord, Thorkeld, has the power to reunite the lost lovers.

fantasy and science fiction book reviewsThe Screaming Lake: A Lost Race Fantasy — (1937) Publisher: Devereux and Juanita travel deep into the Amazon jungle looking for Incan gold. What they find is an ancient city forgotten by time, located on the shores of The Screaming Lake, where huge, toad-like monsters feast on unwary travelers. Can they survive their encounter with the Living God?

S. Fowler Wright The Hidden Tribe: A Lost Race FantasyThe Hidden Tribe: A Lost Race Fantasy — (1938) Publisher: Two women captured by the ruler of a lost race in the Sahara Desert find themselves faced with a fate worse than death! Only an intrepid British soldier can save the lovely ladies.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsWyndham Smith: His Adventures in the 45th Century — (1938) Publisher: When Wyndham Smith is transported to the 45th century, he finds himself fighting a sterile dystopia in which machines have created a sterile womb for mankind, without pain or suffering. Humanity is on the verge of deliberate racial suicide, but Wyndham and Vinetta escape the doomed city, fleeing to Sicily. There they must fight a Man Killer robot that has been programmed to eliminate the last hope of mankind. Can the two lovers defeat this implacable metal monster? Originally published under the title, The Adventure of Wyndham Smith.

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsPower: A Political Fantasy — (1939) Publisher: Stanley Maitland, a young British politician, suddenly finds himself owning a super-weapon that makes him temporary Dictator of England. He wants to reform government and abolish all the unnecessary rules and regulations that have accumulated during the last century. Opposing him are the leaders of industry and the wealthy, entrenched upper classes. Can Stanley’s POWER overcome the traditions of centuries?

fantasy book reviews science fiction book reviewsThe Witchfinder — (1946) Publisher: SIR JOHN reined his horse, and looked back. He saw four who rode faster than he could still hope that he would be able to do. He had fled since morn, and the April twilight was round him now. His lance was gone, having been broken upon the shield of one who had died at noon. Could he meet four with a sword which had had some practice in foreign wars? Loving life, as youth will, it was a chance that he would be most willing to miss. Yet he slackened the poor speed of a wearied horse, even to less than the pace it would have chosen to take. The pursuers were plain to see on the high skyline behind: before was a straggling wood, in which he might have found cover till darkness fell. But he looked back as though reluctant to enter until assured that he had been seen by those who had been so persistent upon his track. When he rode into the trees, on a bridle-path which was broad and clear, he held to the middle, though mud was deep, for there had been a week of rain, and he looked down with a smile of satisfaction at the depth of the hoofmarks that witnessed the way he came…