WWWednesday: September 6, 2017

Today’s word for Wednesday is neocracy, a noun, meaning a government of amateurs.


The Dragon Awards were announced on Sunday, September 3, at DragonCon. Here are the winners. Congratulations to James S.A. Corey, Victor LaValle, Larry Corriea and John Ringo, Rick Riordan, Cory Doctorow and all the others who took home Dragons this year.

The onion spires of Old City Tallinn's, Estonia, Russian Orthodox Cathedral peer out through the leaves.

The onion spires of Old City Tallinn’s, Estonia, Russian Orthodox Cathedral peer out through the leaves.

The Dragon Awards are in their second year, and that’s still in the “shake-down cruise” mode as far as I’m concerned. Still, you know the SF community, we always have an opinion and we’re always ready to share it. I don’t know how much the Dragons need “fixing,” or what exactly needs to be fixed, but Camestros Felapton, who is becoming one of my new favorite columnists, has some ideas.

Books and Writing:

N.K. Jemisin’s AMA on Reddit can be read here.

Mind Meld asked, “What book have you loved that explored the connection between society and technology, and how did it change your worldview?” There are some great answers here.

LitHub shares an essay on the writer’s relationship with social media.

Christian Blauvelt talks about his research for Star Ways Made Easy (spoiler alert; he did very little).

This is two years old, but still good today; Barnes and Noble imagines seven SFF book-based theme parks you would not want to visit. Choices include New Crubuzon, the Hunger Games theme park, and the Dune-themed one. Wait a minute, the “Hunger Games” one was real.

Michael Poore answers Eight Great Questions. He says he physically interacts with books; dog-earing pages, maybe even making notes (?). My book collector friends will be aghast but I completely understand his reasoning and I, too, love finding used books with margin notes, because they feel like time travel.

The website TV Goodness is recruiting writers. Please note that THEY DON’T PAY. Still, if you love SF television and want to expand your platform while you continue to seek payment for your good work, you could send them a sample.

The view from the Old City Tallinn down to the harbor.

The view from the Old City Tallinn down to the harbor.


According to Eurogamer, the strategy board game Scythe is coming to Steam.

Several of UFO 50’s games are “instant retro classics” says Ars Technica.

Movies and TV:

File 770 linked to C.E. Murphy’s commentary on Valerian; City of a Thousand Planets, a movie declared to be “worse than it had to be.” This is harsh, but funny.

Syfy has greenlit 20 more episodes (2 seasons) of Killjoys, and cancelled Dark Matter, which followed it on Friday nights. Wynona Earp had already been renewed.

Here is the trailer for Stranger Things, Season Two.


The U.K. Independent reports that a Scottish power station set a new record for wave-generated power.

This falcon mural is one of Reykjavik's city-sponsored wall-art pieces.

This falcon mural is one of Reykjavik’s city-sponsored wall-art pieces.


Peggy Whitson, who holds the record for number of days in space by an American (665), returned to earth on September 4. This article shows part of the landing.

Florence, an extremely large asteroid, will pass very close to the earth in the next week. Florence is classified as a “potentially hazardous” asteroid even though orbital projections show no chance of it striking earth. Florence has two moon that orbit it (moons! It has moons!). It will next come our way in the year 2500.


Still more photos from my trip to Finland, with a day visit to Estonia, and Iceland. Hey, I said I’d try not to include Icelandic words… I didn’t say anything about pictures!

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