Gold, red and green ivy leaves cover a wallFile770 discusses how the Chicago Worldcon Community Fund extended memberships and increased inclusion for people who would otherwise have been unable to participate.

Teen writers in the Los Angeles area can submit their short fiction to the Tomorrow Prize science fiction contest. Details are in File 770’s article.

Charles Payseur takes up the debate of “Who Should Really Win a Fan Hugo?”

David Levithan wrote an eloquent and scary column for the Washington Post about the new heart of book censorship and what these censors’ true goals are.

Publishers Weekly reports that 75% of voters in a poll agree with Levithan, and furthermore, this opinion will affect their vote.

Alan Rickman kept a diary starting in the late 1990s. Along the way, he briefly chronicled the day-to-day experiences of filming various Harry Potter movies. He also talks about other films, stage plays and the attack on the World Trade Towers in 2001. An interesting look into the actor’s mind.

The Netflix adaptation of The School for Good and Evil looks fun!

NASA’s Double Asteroid Rendezvous Test (DART) successfully made impact with the Dimorphous, the smaller of two asteroids, in earth’s first test of a planetary defense system.

Entertainment Weekly shares what they think are the best supernatural films available on Amazon Prime right now.

Travel and Leisure provided this lush article about the best places to see fall foliage. To no one’s real surprise the vast majority are in the northeast.

The autumnal image at the top of the article is from Wiki Commons.


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