Pink Begonias, Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden

Pink Begonias, Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden


Next week’s column will be single-item, probably a review of a series, and there might be a giveaway attached.


I was able to spend a couple of days at the seaside village of Mendocino, California, and the images used in the column are from that trip.


Books and Writing:

This is two years old but still interesting, as Crime Reads interviews Joe R. Lansale about Hap and Leonard.

Publishers Weekly has an article about bookseller unions. I didn’t know booksellers had unions.

Check out Tor Books’s September new releases in science fiction. There’s a link to fantasy and horror in the article.

Here are some September releases from Tordotcom Publishing.

Finally, new releases from Orbit.

This is a long, interesting article about a real case, and the book sounds intriguing.

TV, Streaming and Movies:

Hummingbird, Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden

Hummingbird, Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden

Comic Book adaptations continue. This Syfy Wire column has some juicy stuff.

The AV Club takes a look at video concerts and other events, and how a “temporary solution” because of the pandemic may become a fixture, as it makes events more accessible for people living with disabilities. Thanks to File 770.

Gizmodo celebrates the return of FX’s “real” Archer, not fantasy-world Archer.


Kotaku shares a roundup of last week’s webcomics.

Tech, Science and Stuff:

Trump’s ban on TikTok did not go into effect last Sunday, and neither did his ban on WeChat.

Bad Astronomy has some cool Jupiter stuff!


A cute baby otter.