Saguaro National Park PosterFile 770 provides part one the Emmy Creative Arts award.

You are probably already wondering what to get your children for Christmas, right? Of course  you are. How about a robot unicorn, suitable for riding? Child sizes only, sorry.

The UK Guardian provides a long story about three techbros, their vision of a libertarian utopia, crypto-currency and a decommissioned cruise ship. What could possibly go wrong? (Spoiler alert…) (Genuine spoiler alert—I knew libertarianism was out the window as soon as they started talking about pets.)

Zebras are running amok in Maryland! (I don’t think zebras actually run amok, but you get the idea.)

Paul Selmel interviews Premee Mohamad about her novella And What Can We Offer You Tonight.

Alyssa Shotwell highlights Amari and the Night Brothers, by B.B. Alston, over at The Mary Sue.

Artist Amber Share was inspired to create art by the various one-star reviews of National Parks on Yelp and elsewhere. My favorite one is, “It’s okay if you like cactus,” for Saguaro National Park. The runner up is a ding of Yosemite because “Trees block the view.”

From 2019, The Alternative takes a look at Ursula LeGuin’s “carrier bag theory” of human social development.

Book Twitter was aswirl with comments about this article, where Julian Baggini tries to debunk personal libraries. This is basically a “I’ll take a provocative stance on a topic and the controversy will carry it everywhere” article, and it worked on me because here I am linking to it.

The UK Guardian shares an interview with YA writer Marjorie Blackman, who talks, in part, about what has kept (and keeps) her going.

James Chambers and Wendy N. Wagner will read tonight, 7 PM PDT, on Story Hour. If you miss it, you can always catch up via the Facebook page.

Entertainment Weekly parses the Easter eggs in the trailer for the new Matrix movie, because why not?

“Sometimes you just want to turn off your brain and watch the bullets fly,” says The Mary Jane of the latest assassin-goes-on-vengeance-spree movie, Netflix’s Kate. And they liked it.

The Met Gala was held on Monday, and Variety provided pictures. Over-the-topness is the point of the Met Gala, but my question is, do these fashions portray the theme? The theme this year was “In America.”


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